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• 1/22/2019

English dub ideas

NOTE ALL OF THIS IS FAN IDEAS NOT OFFICIAL) Basically i would like everyones thought of opinion for a new dub (NOT MADE BY ME BC IT WONT HAPPEN) but like imagine if doremi got a new english dub and YOU had the chance to direct it what changes would you make to the series? My ideas : Hanas english va to be tara strong ALL original osts to have no changes only made to english including themes. Please reply with your ideas if you had the chance!

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• 1/14/2019

Who's going to adopt this wiki?

This wiki is abandoned which is sad because it is made by the same creators as Ojamaoj Doremi:


Tomorrow's Nadja Wiki @getfandom
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• 1/24/2018

ojamajo doremi 16 anime

ok so i've read this article about hiromi seki wanting to turn the light novels of ojamajo doremi into an animated series almost 2 years ago but never heard or read any comments or responses from people on that. does anyone want the series back or is it just me??? please i wanna know your opinions on it .
this is the article i'm talking about
if any SUPER fan of the show is interested in this,
we REALLY need to attac toei animation's twitter REBELLING.

i'm actaully getting the word "おジャ魔女" = "ojamajo" tattooed on my wrist. YEAH. it means THIS MUCH to me. FIGHT ME TOEI. .
Ojamajo Doremi Producer Wants to Make Anime of Franchise's High School Novels Anime News Network
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• 12/1/2016
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