1-1 is a classroom at Misora Elementary School which teaches first-grade students. During Motto! Ojamajo Doremi, the class is tutored by Hinako and attended by Pop and her friends. The class consists of 30 students which are split between the graduates of Sonatine and Primula Kindergarten.

Class Teacher


Characters are listed based on their seating position.

Shuhei* Chiemi Hiroko Erika Tamaki Kanoko
Jun* Yoshihiko Yuki* Hitomi* Sachiko*
Akihiro* Fumio  ?  ?  ?
Tatsuya Rie Tomomi  ? Raita*
Kumiko Misaki Shibayama  ? Takanobu Yoshiaki
Pop Harukaze Sayaka Kazuhiro  ? Kimitaka

Pink - This student graduated from Sonatine Kindergarten.

Green - This student graduated from Primula Kindergarten.

Orange - This student has a similar appearance to a background character that appeared in Sharp Ep. 35, although with a different color scheme. While this technically makes them Sonatine graduates, they are portrayed as Primula graduates.

* - This character's name was revealed on concept artwork and wasn't stated during the anime.


  • The class didn't have a recurring seating plan revealed until Motto Ep. 39. The only prior episode featuring the classroom; Motto Ep. 36, showed generic character designs in place of where notable characters were later seated.
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