Name Changes

Type Original Magical Doremi
Name Nobuko Yokokawa Belinda Higgins
Name Norihiro, Yutaka, and Yukio Randel, Jefferson, and Chaz.
Name Detective Tatekawa Nobuo, Dr. Hazuki, Aiko, and Doremi the loyal dog. Detective Slim Higgins, Dr. Renyer, Vera Bell, and Rory.

Paint Edits

Original Image Magical Doremi
Picture of Majorika with writing surrounding it The writing was removed and her dub name, Patina, was put on it.
The story of the carrot and man. A border was added around the screen to make it appear as a flashback, rather than occuring that day like in the original.
A School Book The writing is removed.
Caligraphy Papers on the class wall. Edited to resemble test papers with A+ on them.

Dialogue Changes

Original Magical Doremi
Doremi figured with her magic she could avoid being late to school. Dorie wishes to use magic for math tests.
Nobuko tells the girls that greeting other students was forbidden. Belinda says this, along with that the Teacher will punish them.
Nobuko explains hearing Kotake and the SOS Trio discussing how pretty Doremi was lately. She says this, but says it was Todd, Oliver, and Robbie, and they wanted to take her to an upcoming dance.
Nobuko claims that Norihiro is a cheapskate, Yutaka has a mother complex, and Yukio likes sewing. Randal is a vegetarian, Jefferson speaks French, and Chaz is a crybaby.
The stories Nobuko told were about a manga artist, a president, an adventurer, and a wounded/drunken man. A dog reading the newspaper, being babysat by the president, a grizzly bear, and carrots.
Aiko knew Nobuko was in her class but she was unfamiliar with her. She asks Belinda if she is in their grade, implying she's never seen her in class.
Nobuko says she is unable to clean the chalkboard due to stomach cramps caused by DNA. She says the same thing, but that they are caused by the chalk dust.
Aiko tells Nobuko she isn't in any hurry for the autograph. In the dub Mirabelle asks if she would be sending her message through email or phone call.
Nobuko talks about her dad getting lost in the woods one day. His job also isn't specified, and the girls say they saw him on Parents Day. She says he is a scientist doing research in the jungle, and they reveal her dad is actually an insurance salesman. The girls point out seeing him at her birthday party.
While she didn't know what happened, Yuki-Sensei knew something was wrong. Miss Shannon was already aware of Belinda's big lie.
Lala says that Aiko has a good heart. Loralie says that Mirabelle sees the best in others.
Doremi asks Nobuko is maybe the dog version of her is a Princess. Nobuko assures her she isn't- but claims she is a very special dog who can run really fast and understand humans. Belinda doesn't say there is anything special about her.

Skipped Scenes 

Image Explanation
Doremi flying on her broom to school and waving to Hazuki upon arrival.
After the carrot story, Taniyama wonders that if Nobuko's grandfather was a carrot, she must be one too.
Aiko is shown reading a bit from Nobuko's story at one point.
The scenes of Aiko thinking about her interactions with Nobuko prior to getting mad at her were shortened. A scene where she finds a specific text in her book was also cut out.
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