Name Changes

Type Original Magical Doremi
Name Mota and Motamota Drona and Rona
Name Ninth Exam Fairy Test

Paint Edits

Original Magical Doremi
Maho-do signs Edited to say DoReMi Magic Shop.

A book Lala sits on has the magic world writing -music notes- on it.

Note: This happens with two different books.

Painted over with MAGIC in its place.
Various signs throughout town. Painted out or blanked.
Pop stops and a question mark appears above her head. The question mark was removed.
A sign for Pop to follow Edited to be read in English.
Chopsticks Edited to look like forks and spoons.

Dialogue Changes

Original Magical Doremi
Aiko was making a tail-less Taiyaki Tail-less Fishcake
Strawberry-less shortcake A cake without a cherry.
Hazuki is concerned and asks if making strange foods will help them. Aiko claims she will be fine though, and they should consider themselves lucky to take the exam. Reanne voices concern that they may not have covered everything, but Mirabelle points out she studied the most out of the trio and will be fine.
Majorika says the exam will be on Sunday, then tells them to save a couple magic spheres. Patina says Tomorrow instead, then tells them to save 1 each.
Majorika critisizes Doremi and calls her an Ojamajo, then she says the girls will do fine as long as they listen to her. She keeps insisting that this test is the easiest, and how conjuring food was the way it worked.
During Doremi's dream, Pop critisizes her for being a poor witch. Caitlyn asks why she would want to be a witch when she should be seeking professional work.

Haruka explains that Pop wants to visit their grandmother on her own.

She explains that she had planned on buying her something, then taking her to their grandmothers but Caitlyn wants to go on her own.
Haruka asks Pop if she wants the I'm Lost sign. But she rejects it. In the dub she asks if Caitlynn wants an address card.
Pop thanks Aiko and Hazuki for putting up with Doremi. Caitlynn asks the girls how much they are paid to be friends with Dorie.
When Doremi informs Aiko of whats going on and Aiko reminds her of the exam, she compliments her naniwa personality for always remembering important things. Dorie complains that she doesn't have enough time.
The Daifuku was 1200 yen The cupcakes are $3.50
Doremi wonders why Pop bargained for the Daifuku. Dorie laments the fact that Caitlynn didn't think to check her purse again.
Doremi considered turning herself into an animal, but she decided not to waste more magic spheres. Dorie worries that if she transformed into a bug she could be squashed.
After receiving ice cream, Pop yells "Lucky!" "All right!"
Doremi puts blame on the icecream as the reason for why Pop needs the bathroom. In the dub, she simply says "Nature's calling! I must answer!"
Hazuki asks for a cubical hamburger and Aiko asks for a Crescent-shaped Omelette Rice. A cookie shaped like a pear, and a plain omelette with ketchup.
Aiko was tasked with making Cubical Takoyaki, and Hazuki had to make a three-layered pudding. In the dub, Mirabelle made Square crab cakes and Reanne made a chocolate souffle.
Doremi had to make anmitsu and coffee. Hot milk and sweet jelly taffy.
Unsure of what to make, Doremi summoned a steak because its her most delicious food. Dorie claims she was distracted by hunger.
As Aiko and Hazuki play with their fairies, Doremi admits she is envious of them. Dorie wonders if she can keep the steak she made.

Skipped Scenes 

Image Explanation
The scene with washing machine Doremi summons with her magic.

Doremi happily dances around until she discovers how poorly she did on her test.

Doremi holds her magic sphere bag and eagerly awaits for the exam.
Part of the "panty washing" scene was cut.
After she and her mother exchange glances at dinner, Doremi worries over what she will do about the exam.
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