Akira Fujiwara is the husband of Reiko and the father of Hazuki. A famous film director who met Reiko after requesting use of her home for the drama he was filming. He is often away from home due to work.



Akira is an adult male with messy brown hair and eyes. He has a thin mustache. He wears a grey top with purple and green on it, beneath an opened pink jacket with three pockets, blue jeans, and brown shoes.

For formal occasions, he is often shown donning black attire.


Akira is passionate about his work and family and adores his wife and daughter above all else. While he is serious during work he will rush home at the drop of a hat if he thinks something is wrong or troubling the family. At times he can become quiet and frustrated if he lacks inspiration, but he is generally relaxed and kind if a bit clumsy.



He cares about Hazuki deeply and listens to her concerns when he has the chance. He would do anything for Hazuki, including using new items she gave him over his "lucky" items.


It was love at first sight after Reiko left an abusive relationship and he met her. Initially, her father did not accept their relationship, although her mother did after seeing how much he loved her.


  • Akira is the only father with facial hair.
  • He is the only main father character shown to have a heavier figure.


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