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An Apprentice Witch/Witch Apprentice (魔女見習い Majo Minararai) is a human girl or young witch child who is currently in studies. They are referred to as Witchlings in the English dub.

Strengths and Weaknesses

In comparison to full-blooded or grown witches, apprentices have very weak magical capabilities when starting out, and need the use of a Pollon to cast magic until she gains the right to gain her own Crystal Ball. By this point, she is also strong enough to return her mentor back to normal if she became an apprentice through those means.

Unlike Witch, who can cast magic whenever she pleases, an Apprentice can only cast magic if she has changed into her uniform and has Magic Spheres.



The girls earning an upgrade for completing their exam

As they grow, both young witches and witch apprentices must improve their magic through special tests or examinations. When she passes an exam, she will gain stronger magic, a fairy, more abilities, and upgrades.

In total, there are nine exams, but they can only be taken in the evening. The only exception to this is the last exam, which takes place during the day and must be completed before sunset.

Any apprentice or witch strong enough may be offered to skip an exam and receive the upgrade, and upon completing Level 6, the apprentice will gain her Apprentice Certificate (Certiwand in the dub). This is used to collect Spheres of Achievement (Certisphere in the dub) and the apprentice will start to collect them for each good deed she does or whenever she passes an exam. The apprentice must gain eight Spheres of Achievement before she can gain full access to her Witch title. After this, she will gain her Crystal Ball (Orball in the dub) if the Witch Queen believes she is ready.

Known Witch Apprentices


  • Majorika came up with the term Ojamajo based on witch apprentice. The concept behind it is "a person who finds happiness dressing like a witch apprentice for no reason and is worth less than a witch apprentice that's also a nuisance!".


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