Atarimeko is the daughter of Surumeko and Hachitarou. She is an "octo-squid", a cross between an octopus and a squid.


Atarimeko was born around Sharp, and because of her special species, she was given permission to participate in the witch baby exams in order to prove that the two species could get along and live in harmony.


Atarmeko is pink with large, dull mauve eyes and blushed cheeks. She often has a pink spherical pacifier in her mouth. She wears a pastel yellow baby outfit with a white bib and a lilac hat with a thick pastel yellow band.


While she can't do magic like the other babies, she is shown to be able to keep up with them in most cases.



Hana Makihatayama

As babies who were born around the same time, they were shown to often play together. They are good friends.


  • In Dokkan, Surumeko was revealed to be pregnant with a second child, meaning Atarimeko would later become an older sister.


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