The Baby Health Manual is an item the Ojamajo receive in Season 2 after being given the title of becoming Hana's temporary Mothers. It is used during the Health Examinations to mark whether she passes or fails and charts her growth.



The book is bound with a pale pink cover. On the front is a pale cream center, with a fuchsia shape at each corner and gold dots between them. At the center is a gold music note with flower shapes surrounding it. Beneath this is a fuchsia ribbon surrounded by pastel pink and blue flowers and dots. Beneath this is a window with Hana's head on it. The window changes color with each upgrade the book gets.


The inside of the book is solid white, with the top featuring pink designs and a white bar with black music notes, where Majoheart puts her stamp whenever they pass a new exam. On the bottom is a pale blue box with four lines and pink ribbon border. The page has a yellow star and pale green crescent moon design as a border.


Whenever an exam is passed, Majoheart uses her personal stamp on the page, and with each stamp, the window on the cover will change to reflect the upgrade it just had. 

List of Advances

  • Dark Fuchsia - the starting color. 
  • Orange - the baby has passed the exam for being proper weight, showing the ability to fly, being fed in time, and sleeping peacefully. 
  • Blue - Passing the exam involving answering questions, bathing the baby and dressing them within the time limit, and take a walk with the babies. 
  • Dark Purple - Passing the baby crawling course exam. 



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