• Nachida Raache

    Dub The Rest

    February 3, 2020 by Nachida Raache

    I hope they dub the rest of Magical Doremi series. I wonder they'll have the same voice actors.

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  • Nachida Raache

    Future Grandparent

    February 1, 2020 by Nachida Raache

    I believe Akatsuki and Doremi are married to each other and I think Akatsuki is Fami's grandfather because it showed a lot of hints, what do you all think? I just hope it's true.

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  • Chrismh

    Ojamajo Doremi Fan FC Wiki

    December 15, 2019 by Chrismh

    I'm sure most of you guys know about this place by now, but I thought I would bring it up again for new members or those who honestly never seen it yet. This place is our official Ojamajo Doremi FC wiki!

    FC's are fan characters, and on this wiki you can show-off your own FC, make pics, chat with other fans- but remember it does have rules. So if you head on over be sure to check them out first!

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  • TheGreatGazebo

    If the dub to be continued, here are my scenarios:

    • Nami Miyahara would reprise her role as Momoko.
    • The movies would have bigger changes and would be TV specials.
    • It would be owned by Hasbro (obviously since Hasbro owns franchises that are usually made by Bandai)
    • Momoko would be Japanese, Canadian, Australian or British in the dub.
    • Hana peeing in Sharp would be cut due to FCC's regulations.
    • Momoko, Hana and other characters from Sharp to Nashio would have different names.
    • The dub of Nashio would be released on YouTube as a web series released during airing dates of the dub of Motto.
    • It would either air on either Nick, Netflix, Disney XD or Cartoon Network.

    As for the other scenarios, you have to think of your own.

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  • SanrioFan76

    New Article!!

    June 22, 2019 by SanrioFan76

    I've made another new article with the help of Ojamacaron! It's about the 7th CD in the Ojamajo Doremi DOKKA~N!! series!

    Here's the link if you want to see it: [1]

    P.S. If you don't want to see it, then that's OK.

    P.P.S. Look forward to more new articles coming soon!

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  • SanrioFan76

    My First Article

    June 20, 2019 by SanrioFan76

    Hey everyone! Guess what? I just made my FIRST article! Yay!😊 Check it out: [1]

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  • Chrismh


    January 24, 2019 by Chrismh

    They're not made yet, sorry to get your hopes up. BUT I'm working on them now and they will all be done very shortly. But before that I wanted to bring up a couple of things related to them, for new Apprentice and those who just never heard of them before.

    A userbox is a fun, creative way to demonstrate your opinions or feelings for elements within a series; like characters, items, seasons/series, etc.

    The main goal for right now is:

    • Main Character
    • Season/Series

    I might do some others, but those are the only ones I can think of right now. In terms of characters I'll be doing the Ojamajo, plus Majorika and yousei. If there's a character (or anything else based on this series) you think I should add at some point leave a comment, but only if you thin…

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  • UltraManRizer

    It seems that this wiki has been abandoned but because it is created by the same studio as Doremi, I think it's time we start adopting this wiki.

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  • MysteriousGalaxy

    I feel it would be best if the staff articles were to primarily focus on Ojamajo Doremi. This basicly means to only list their roles on Ojamajo Doremi-related media since this will allow the articles to be more specific with these roles and not look all cluttered.

    It's unnecessary to include all their roles from other franchises, along with images of the characters, when it would be more appropriate to simply add a link to a website which is focused on listing their roles on various franchises such as AnimeNewsNetwork. The only exception to this would be if the franchise or character is relevant when describing their career.

    I hope everyone will be in favor of this decision. It will make this wiki look more professional and hopefully counter …

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  • Xmomoko78

    ojamajo doremi 16 anime

    January 24, 2018 by Xmomoko78

    ok so i've read this article about hiromi seki wanting to turn the light novels of ojamajo doremi into an animated series almost 2 years ago but never heard or read any comments or responses from people on that. does anyone want the series back or is it just me??? please i wanna know your opinions on it .

    this is the article i'm talking about

    if any SUPER fan of the show is interested in this,

    we REALLY need to attac toei animation's twitter REBELLING. 

    i'm actaully getting the word "おジャ魔女" = "ojamajo" tattooed on my wrist. YEAH. it means THIS MUCH to me. FIGHT ME TOEI. .

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  • Ojamacaron

    Replacing lq images

    December 17, 2017 by Ojamacaron

    Whoops, clicked enter way too early-

    Anyway, @Rctgamer3 and I have hq and raw ojamajo doremi episodes (in my case, i have the first and third seasons), which means that we will eventually remove all the pictures on all pages related to the episodes-

    I wanted to keep the characters' pages clean, and in order to do that i decided that 10 pictures per character is enough- because of this, the episode pages will have 10 pictures as well. 

    If somebody thinks that a certain character needs a gallery, please leave a comment o)-L

    (help is appreciated o)-L)

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  • Chrismh

    Happy Birthday Onpu!

    March 3, 2017 by Chrismh

    Well, as of now that I'm awake (I was awake at midnight but I totally forgot about this), it is officially march 3- meaning it's ONPU'S BIRTHDAY!!

    So Happy Birthday Onpu x3 I think by now realistically she'd be 25? My dad's birthday is 7 days after hers, he is so lucky. It's also Girl's Day in Japan! How exciting!

    Anyhoo, to celebrate Onpu-chan's birthday, let's use this topic to discuss what we like about her x3 or what our favorite moments staring her were, etc.

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  • Chrismh

    Stubs Template Made!

    October 25, 2016 by Chrismh

    Okay guys, here it is :3 I had this planned since earlier, I know its nothing special but what do you think? I was going to make a deletion template as well- but those get tended to fairly quickly, so what do you think? Should I make one or no?

    Is there any other templates you guys think I should make? I don't know how to make very many, but we could add a featured article one, for featured article events~

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  • Chrismh

    Changing Episode Titles

    October 23, 2016 by Chrismh

    Hey guys, quick thing. I've decided for easier access- the episodes should have their episode numbers put in them. On a lot of other wikia I've seen this being done; and it seems to make finding pages easier.

    The first season will be named Episode _ - Title here

    For the other seasons, they should be named S/M/D/N Ep _ - Title

    I can't really remember if anyone can change names but I'm pretty sure they can. So feel free to help me get this new system underway.

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  • Chrismh


    October 22, 2016 by Chrismh

    For the past two weeks or so I've been thinking about this series. Then the other day I get the brilliant idea "oh yeah, I ran that Ojamajo Doremi forum a long time ago... I wonder how it is lately. Activity is dead but I'd love to visit it again~"


    Above all else I despise feeling Nostalgic. It makes me sad.

    I've been having fun browsing it again, and looking through our old fun topics (I know members here weren't on the forum... mostly? Probably.)

    Anyway it made me feel so sad and miss this series- I just came running right back to the wiki. So I apologize for my recent bout of neglect and ignorance. If there's anything anyone needs to say PLEASE tell me here or on my page. I promise I'll respond as I get back into th…

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  • RedLunarian

    This is my current character I'm working right now based from a fangirl of pokemon

    What do you guys think

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  • Magicaldragon203

    Hello,I'm magicaldragon and it is so nice to meet you all your wiki is beautiful.I promise to follow the rules of this amazing wiki.I am a huge fan of Ojamajo Doremi( with the exeption of 16-19 novels). I love it!

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  • Ojamacaron

    i must be honest- i'm quite annoyed by the fact that nobody gave proper credit to the people who originally translated the novels. ((or maybe i just didn't notice the credit(s)))

    i was thinking that we should delete all the chapters that are here and just add links that will redirect people to nanodesu instead. 

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  • Chrismh

    Okay, so over the past few days I came up with what I plan to focus on right now. After I finish with the fanon pages, I'll be entirely focused on this place XD

    So here are my current Goals:

    1. Go over character pages to make sure they resemble the others and are generally in good condition/have proper categories/etc. 
    2. Check merchandise pages and other listings to see if we can improve them in any shape or form.
    3. Clean up the 'other outfit' pages to make them look more organized.
    4. Go over episode pages for general stuffs.

    If you have seen anything that needs tended to, or can think of something else feel free to let me know.

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  • Chrismh

    Fanon Wiki- MADE

    April 21, 2016 by Chrismh


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  • Chrismh

    New Features~

    April 21, 2016 by Chrismh

    As some of you may have noticed- an image has suddenly appeared in the Activity feed on the pages!

    This is the first of quite a few changes I plan to be introducing to the wikia to upgrade it a bit. If there's anything you'd like to suggest or see feel free to leave a comment.

    I'm also working on the fanon wiki right now. For the time being I'll be making the basics and such, then I will be linking it up with this wiki and so-on. So stay tuned and check out the front page!

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  • Chrismh

    I'm back-des~

    April 20, 2016 by Chrismh

    Hi everyone x3 I missed working on this wiki like crazy, and I missed the series too.

    Anyway I didn't really need to make this, but I decided to do so anyway just for those who may need something from me at some point. Remember, I'm always online so I will get messages when you send them. But if you need anything at this moment leave a message below~

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  • Ojamacaron

    fanon wiki

    March 26, 2016 by Ojamacaron

    i'm going to make one o)-L

    chris said that she was planning on making one, but it seems like she's quite busy and i don't want to annoy her and stuff orz;; 

    either way- chris, are you ok with this? 

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  • Ojamacaron


    March 4, 2016 by Ojamacaron

    i think 10 pictures should be enough on all the character pages- ((for example, majotourbillon's page))

    but, what do you guys think? 

    i mean, the point of the pictures is to see how a character looks like, but having about 20+ pictures on one page is ridiculous.

    • edit*

    i'll just edit the pages ‎( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°);;;;

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  • Chrismh

    Dub Changes

    November 17, 2015 by Chrismh

    Hi, I came up with an idea but I'm sort of only in the thought of it. I was thinking, I have a list of dub changes/edits on each of the episode pages - but maybe what I'll do, to shorten the length a bit (besides making a possible seperate page for glitches/errors too), maybe I'll make indivisual/seperate pages to organize a list of dub changes.

    If it's like that glitch/error page I made, I may or may not do it. I'm still basically thinking it over while trying to work on other things too.

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  • Chrismh


    November 14, 2015 by Chrismh

    I felt like this was something to include. Since the wikia was a bit "old-fashioned" I updated some aspects of it. Such as:

    • Turning on Badges and Rankings
    • Changing the Message Wall type.
    • Turn on the Forum and Chat

    That's about it as far as I recall, I plan to personalize the badges to include pics from the series at a future date.

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  • Chrismh


    November 12, 2015 by Chrismh

    Hello all XD I was wondering, was there anything you guys felt really needed to be done or fixed?

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  • Chrismh

    Um, yeah...

    November 10, 2015 by Chrismh

    I have decided to come back very soon, because to be frank, I missed the series and working here XD it was my first wikia to be on, you know?

    Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know, because I figured if you had any concerns, questions, or comments, related to the wikia, this would be the place to do it.

    I also plan to go through the "Ojamajo Witchling Fanon Wiki" plan I mentioned, apparently months ago. But don't worry, if you have a fan character here, I will be transfering them over to that wikia if you do not do so yourself once I make it. I plan to remove/delete every bit of fanon-related stuff on here - but as I said, I will warn everyone first. It wouldn't be fair of me to just spring it on you with little to no warning.

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  • Chrismh


    July 24, 2015 by Chrismh

    Alright, after having to deal with a bunch of Fanon-related things I am considering just making a fanon wikia for Ojamajo Doremi. It will relate to this wiki/link to and from it, and this way it can focus on the actually important things. I really need to crack down and get people focusing on what we actually need - rather than their fcs.

    I am still thinking it over though, so if you support or don't think the idea will work please let me know.

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  • Chrismh

    Sorry DX

    October 7, 2014 by Chrismh

    I feel sorta bad that some really big jerk was running around causing some problems on this place. I was just informed of it the other day and didn't find that message until just a couple of minutes ago. I banned them and if they return I will contact the official wikia admin personally to tell them about this. 

    This place is for everyone of any ages, but breaking forbidden rules is a big no-no and there is no need to do it to begin with. So please try to remember this, and if not, then just get off and stop being a creep. 

    That is all. 

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  • Chrismh

    Semi-kinda-important update

    January 14, 2014 by Chrismh

    From now on, instead of giving images from the anime random names, I will be labeling them for easier findings. So whenever you want a specific screenshot or may want to view an episodes pics for a reason unknown to me, you can find it by typing in "S(number)E(number)".

    As in, Season_Episode_

    Say you want to look at some screenshots from Aiko's debut in the anime or want to find out what episodes may need images still, you would type in: S1E3

    Now this isn't something everyone has to do. It's just something I'm gonna try to do. I've seen other anime series do it for their own wikia and it seems to work pretty well.

    Oh, I'm also gonna be moving and properly fixing up character galleries. So stay tuned for that!

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  • Chrismh


    January 14, 2014 by Chrismh

    Wow, I've had this place for about two or three years now and I've yet to write a single blog entry. So.. yeah, I was hoping I had something to say but apparently not...

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  • CureMisa

    Hi all!

    I've just started a small blog for a pet project of mine, which is translating the Ojamajo Doremi 16 light novels from Japanese into English.

    I have recently finished up Chapter 1, and work is in progress for Chapter 2. ^__^

    Please do support this project! ;)

    => Misa-chan's Ojamajo Doremi Light Novel Blog ☆


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