Bootlegs are fake merchandise pieces made after items. They can be told apart from the real object due to quality, such as a lack of proper labeling or stickers, a poor paint job, and price. Bootleg items are normally very cheaply made, but can be sold for an expensive price. They are also often found in developing countries, such as China and South-east Asia.

Images can be found at the end of each section.

  • Motto patisserie keychains - These keychains have been around for a while. They seem to be based on the official gashapon figurines with similar poses. However, the incorrect paint jobs make it evident they are fake.
  • Patisserie Onpu - Has a poor paint job in comparison to the real figure.
  • Chinese dress keychains - There is no official proof. It is theorized the heads were taken from another figure.
  • Ojamajo melody - Although not poorly made, someone has taken the heads from Ojamajo Doremi figures and attached them to figures from the series, Mermaid Melody. 
  • Princess tutu ojamajos - Same as above.
  • Doremi singing plush - If squeezed, this Doremi figure will sing "Butterfly", by
  • Dancing fever ojamajo - Like the Chinese or ballerina keychains, these can often be found on most bootleggers shops or galleries. Assumed makers of the butterfly and bathing suit figures as well.
  • Teenage Onpu - By the same maker of previous keychains, this one shows Onpu with an older body attached to a chunky lavender clasp.

  • Bootleg Parara Tap : This looks like the real product, but has no Bandai logo, and misspellings and Chinese writing on the back of the packaging.
  • Bootleg Sweet Poron : This is the same as the product above, but it also comes with hair clips and a comb, and where those items are listed on the set, people can clearly see that the text reading "parara tap" in Japanese that was next to it was not erased. It also has the Dokkan versions of Doremi and Hana-chan on the packaging.
  • Bootleg Jewelry Poron : This wand has no Ojamajo Doremi logo on it. Instead, it has Chinese writing on it, and it also comes with what appears to be silver nail polish. The instructions also list the batteries as part of the toy and translated them as "dried battery". The Chinese text with the name of the product itself also seems to translate into "Little Witch Magical Store".
  • Bootleg Hana-Chan Compact: Made by the same company as the Jewelry Poron. The LED in the center is replaced by a transluecent button.
  • Bootleg Cologne Tap: Also made by the same company as the Jewelry Poron and the Hana-Chan compact. It comes in a clone of Hana-Chan's compact box rather than its proper packaging. The pink gems are colored purple, some decorations on the top are colored pink instead of being left white and a button that was not present on the original is in the center.
  • The Rummy Wand: A recolored Picotto Poron.

  • Wall scrolls - These easy to produce copies may look like real Ojamajo Doremi merchandise. But they are not evident by the use of non-official (though sometimes official) artwork.

  • Bootleg Thai DVD's - A series of 4 Thai DVD's which feature all episodes from each respective season. They are unofficial due to the use of fan art and characters from Kasumin on the box art.

  • Mix and match apron - This pink apron may be cute, but it is unofficial due to obvious reasons.

  • Bootleg Nemo Backpack - It is a backpack with Nemo in it, and in the front pocket, there is a recolored Hazuki Fujiwara and Doremi Harukaze designed there.

  • Ojamajo Doremi stickers - A merchandise of one hundred stickers. Only some seem to be official, while the others are from the official dress up paper dolls and fanon.

  • USB Flash Drive - These have been spotted on Amazon and much like the wall scrolls, they can be mass-produced very easily to be made of official and fan artwork. It is unknown if they really work or not.

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