A cameo is another word for Easter Egg. Which Is a hidden, or not so hidden object or references to a series, such a the iconic character appearing in some shape or form.

On this page, cameo's shall be listed. Please include a image but if you cannot then just add what you do have to the table below.

Image Series Description
Momoko's hair!
HeartCatch Pretty Cure

In an early episode, a girl is pulling her friend behind her. This friend has Momoko's hairstyle, minus the long hairs framing the face.

Note: The Heartcatch artist is the same one from Ojamajo Doremi. So this may have been intentional.

Guu Doremi
Jungle wa Itsumo Hare nochi Guu

Guu appeares dressed as Doremi in her Dokkan witch apprentice uniform in an episode.


Kagome passes by a cosplay event and two people are talking with one another. One is dressed as Luffy and the other is Doremi.

Note: In one of the TCG cards of Doremi, she dresses up as Luffy.

D. Grayman Behind one of the characters on the wall is a poster of Doremi transforming into her sharp attire from one of her official images.


  • The most common way to find a cameo is when a anime series/character is playing a UFO catcher. Which are machines with plush dolls inside and sometimes other objects. Anime's often throw in a bunch of random anime characters inside of them.