Dela is a character in Ojamajo Doremi. She is a whole-sales Witch who spends her time traveling to her various customers to offer them new items or collect their monthly fees. She also handles deliveries and news, but never without asking for money first.


A lively witch, Dela often strikes fear into the heart of Majo Rika whenever she hears her song. She will randomly appear in a variety of places demanding payment, but she always provides helpful tips or items for the Apprentice.


Dela is a youthful, curvy witch with fair skin and bright, dull mauve eyes with lashes at the corners. Her hair is a similar color that reaches her navel and curves outward on the end, and she has a single, large curled section of bangs sticking out of her hat. She wears dark red lipstick and navy eye-shadow.

Dela wears a dark blue version of the witch uniform. However, she lacks the cape. She wears a pair of purple gloves and a shoulder bag. Her crystal ball is around her neck.


In comparison to many of the witch, Dela is very friendly and nice. She has no problem sitting down for tea and cake and having a pleasant conversation, but she is also stern when it comes to her customers and she always makes sure to get her money. She is wise, but she is quick to childish pouting if someone manages to outsmart her or tries avoiding her or her song. At times she can come off as eccentric, and she likes to tease others.

Although she is a money collector, she isn't mean and she tries to be cooperative for a "fair trade". She is willing to work with those who need more time, but she will set a limit to make sure they don't forget or try not to pay. To her, it's just business.


  • Her wand tip has a yellow star, while her magic is purple in color.
  • She is the first witch to appear in series without a fairy.
  • She is one of the few witches to not be referred to by the honorific title of "Majo" before her name.


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