Dodo is a character in Ojamajo Doremi. A fairy given to Doremi Harukaze once she passed her make-up exam.



Dodo has fair skin and big mulberry eyes and blushed cheeks. She has pink antennae and short straightened bangs, and she has hair worn in large buns. Her dress is salmon-pink with a pale pink collar.

In teen form, her hair buns grow smaller and she gains a full body. She wears a light pink dress with the shoulder cut out and a white collar. A salmon-pink top is worn under this, and at the chest is a pink gem. She also wears white booties and a white witch hat with a pale pink rim.


Dodo is a lot like Doremi. She's very clumsy and she can be troublesome with a sometimes lazy or gluttonous nature. She is competent with her work but she has a temper and at times got into disagreements with Doremi due to her inability to be patient with her. She is very caring and takes it upon herself to be a big sister to Fafa, who is Pop's fairy.

Light Novel Series

Initially, the fairies were only brought up early on in the first novel, mentioned that they had been doing their best to take care of the then-badly behaved Hana-chan.


  • Dodo is the only fairy in the main group to be shown wearing alternate clothing.
  • In the light novels, it was revealed that she learned the ability to transform into a tabby cat.


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