Fafa is Pop Harukaze's fairy, who she gained during Sharp after passing her exam.



Fafa has fair skin with vibrant blushed cheeks and cherry-colored eyes. Her hair is pink and very large, sticking up to vaguely resemble Pop's hair and she has a tuft of bangs in the middle of her forehead. She wears an apricot-pink dress with a pale blush collar. In her teenage form, she appears to be shorter than the others by a few inches. Her pale pink hair shrinks down severely and she is shown to only have her bangs and wing-like pigtails, worn with a white witch hat with pearl pink rim. She gains a full body and wears a very pale peach dress with the shoulder cut out and a white-collar, where a red gem rests. A pale blush top is worn under this, and she gains white booties.


In comparison to Pop, Fafa was shown to be shy and withdrawn when first introduced. She is inexperienced and innocent, and as such was taken under Dodo's wing. She is eager to do her best.

Light Novel Series

In the first novel, it is revealed that she and the others remained in the Witch World to watch over the then-badly behaved Hana-chan.


  • Although she did not appear until Sharp, Fafa's design had been completed around the same time as Dodo, Rere, and Mimi's.
  • It is unknown if she is related to Dodo, the way Doremi and Pop are.
  • In some translations, her name was changed to Bibi.
    • In the Spanish and Portuguese versions, her name was Solsol, and her name was given to Roro.
  • She is the only witch apprentice's fairy who doesn't share her owner's theme color, as her colors border more on pink in comparison to Pop's red.


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