Fami is a one-shot character who appeared in episode 13 of the "Fifth" season, Naisho and, coincidentally, the final episode in the entire Ojamajo Doremi Anime series. She is the future granddaughter of Doremi.

Her colour is pink. Her full name is unknown, so she is typically called Fami/Fami-Chan.



Fami-chan is very much like Doremi and possibly like her own parents, but they are not revealed.

She is a sweet girl who only came to see what Doremi was like. She often tries to be sneaky, but, much like Doremi, she happens to be clumsy to a fault and made many failed attempts at hiding while trying to spy on Doremi and Co. They kept hearing noises, though she barely managed to pass herself off as a sleeping cat.

Fami has also suffered a few injuries, including nearly being rendered unconscious after falling from the tree limb while spying on Doremi's family and when a soccer ball hit her square in the face/forehead. However, once or twice she managed to successfully sneak around and surprise Doremi, such as by hopping out of a bush during the beginning of the episode after Doremi ran past her, and sneaking to right behind Doremi when she suddenly appeared in the hallway. She sneaked away a few seconds after Seki-Sensei came to see what all the noise was.

When it comes to Doremi, Fami feels very secure and comfortable. She feels as if they're separated sisters as they both love the same things. However, Doremi does not find out what relation Fami has to her and Doremi seemed to be the only person who could stop her crying.

As she often celebrated the Doll Festival with Doremi, it is probably her most favourite day of the year to her and she holds the doll that Doremi drew her name on dearly. She' even shown to carry it in her backpack/purse.


As explained, being her grand-daughter. Fami happens to resemble Doremi by a lot. Her hair is a very soft shade of pink, resembling a mixture of Pop and Doremi's hair. Her eyes are almost exactly like Doremi's, but they are a shade or two lighter.

Her hairstyle is also like Doremi's, with very long bangs to the left side of her head and a small part of hair reaching her ears. Upon seeing it down for the first time, Doremi made a comment on how long it was, even saying it may be longer than hers. Her hair reaches almost her knees and ends with a tuft of hair much like her bangs.

Instead of holding her hair in buns, Fami wears a pale yellow-green hat/cap which she wears both the front, and back ways to hold all of her hair up, other than her bangs. As such, when she removes it her long hair falls down, possibly meaning she does not wear her hair down often so she doesn't bother to clip/pin it back.

Her outfit consist of a white long sleeved shirt, and light pink-purple shorts resembling Doremi's very own. She has socks like Doremi's with small pink like rings around the bottom. Her shoes are light yellow and white and she wears a Dark purple choker. Also carried around was a dark purple coloured knapsack/backpack.

As a witch

Not much is known of Fami's time as a witch as it was only shown during the ending. Her theme colour is also pink and her spell is the same as Doremi's.

She wasn't seen with a Fairy or Crystal Ball and only the top half of her witch costume was shown other than a faint black and pink outline of it from a distance.


Not much is explained of this mysterious little witch. She comes from the future to spy on a certain Ojamajo. At first, Doremi assumed it was just a cat or random noises she heard. Both females realize how much they had in common when Fami goes to apologize for what happened.

Bringing Fami to her place, the pink haired girl sees them in the middle of the doll festival. Awkwardly, Fami meets her little sister Pop and Doremi's parents. She then notices them decorating for the Doll Festival and catches the doll that both Doremi and Pop argued over and, upon seeing Doremi's name scribbled on the bottom, began to cry.

Doremi comforts Fami by saying something that she, as her grandmother, would say. Then later that evening Fami leaves to go back to her time, but before she does she secretly follows Doremi to the Maho-do where they are celebrating Onpu's birthday. There she reveals that she is a witch and has the doll with her. Doremi only sees the light from her spell but does not see Fami there outside.


  • Fami Full Dress
    It is unknown who her mother, father, and grandfather are.
  • Her reasons for becoming a witch are implied to be the same as Doremi's, as she questions Doremi's witch inspiration near the end of the episode before using her magic.
  • Her full uniform was revealed on an official trading card and has a similar design to Non-chan's uniform.
  • Fami's name was used in Onpu's spell. Listen very closely to her spell when she says it.