Gazamadon is a fictional monster in the Ojamajo Doremi series. He is based on the famous kaiju; Godzilla.



Gazamadon's apperance is very simular to that of his inspiration, Godzilla. He is a bipedal, reptilian-like kaiju with desaturated brownish-green skin. He also takes other well known attributes from Godzilla, such as his noticably large thighs, thick tail, dorsal fins, and long (yet rounded) snout.

However there are many aspects of Gazamadon that are widley different from Godzilla. Gazamadon has tan scutes across his stomach, elbows, and knees that resemble that of a crocodile's underside. He also bears a pair of tusks that come out at the ends of his mouth. These tusks are pointed upwards and behind his head. Oddly enough, Gazamadon has desaturated pink-ish pair cut simularly to that of a Kappa and a pair of thin hook-shaped horns. Gazamadon's arms are also more akin to those of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, being thin and short instead of thick. He also happens to curl his tail upwards whenever he walks as well, unlike Godzilla.


Gazamadon is depicted to be an animalistic monster that constantly destroys the environment he's in.


In Episode 39 of Sharp, we learn that Gazamadon was alive in fuedal Japan. This comes from Gazamadon Episode 1, a prequel to the Gazamadon franchise. Outside of what we see in Gazamadon Episode 1, there is not much in the way of established lore for this character.

In the show, Gazamadon has achieved simular fame akin to Godzilla. Essentually, he acts as the stand-in for Godzilla. We see from Ryota's collection that Gazamadon has a large amount of merchandise. These include posters and toys in his likeness as well as video games.

One of Gazamadon's most notable feats is his ability to breathe fire out of his mouth.



  • The Gazamadon toy that Ryota has shows his tusks set in the middle of his mouth instead of at the ends
    • There are also some shots of Gazamadon that show his tusks pointing fowards instead of pointing back
  • Gazamadon's ability to breathe fire is a reference to Godzilla's famous atomic breath
  • In Episode 39 of Sharp, Doremi states that Gazamadon Episode 1 takes place when "he was little". This could make him around 800 years old


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