Hachitarou is an octopus in the Magic World who runs a Takoyaki stand. He is in love with Surumeko and they eventually marry and have a baby named Atarimeko.



Hachitarou is a red octopus with dark blue eyes and peach cheeks to match his several suction cups. He wears a white towel around the top of his head and has thick black eyebrows.


Hachitarou is very kind and understanding. Unlike the other octopuses, he had no problem with the squids and wished for both sides to get along with each other. He constantly worries over those he cares about.


Hachitarou first appears during season 1, when the girls encounter him during the last part of one of their exams. He told them his tragic love story and the girls used their magic to help them reunite with each other.

He appears later in the season when Doremi happened to find the portal door that led to their world and happened to see them in the middle of their wedding. They were happy to see her and invited her to stay for the ceremony.

In Sharp, he appears again to reveal they had a baby Squid-Octopus, and because of it being born of both species, it was considered special and required to take the exams to prove that a squid and octopus could be together.


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