Hehe is a character in Ojamajo Doremi. She is Majoruka's fairy.


A young-adult fairy with an attitude. Hehe is Majoruka's sometimes lazy, sometimes hardworking partner and a rival of Lala.


Hehe has light brown skin with small hazel eyes and long, thick light blue hair that is almost knee-length. She has slightly curled antennae and short strands of hair, and a small tuft of bangs sticking out of her white cone hat that splits at the top. 

Normally, Hehe wears a white one-piece that shows off her figure with a diamond window on the chest beneath a gem. She wears light blue sleeves with white border on her lower arm and matching, loose translucent fabric around her lower legs.

As a cat, Hehe resembles a blue main coon with a light brown face. Her ears and paws are darker brown.


Hehe could care-less about anything or anyone, unless she's having a good time. She is like Lala in that she likes to tease others and can be playful, but she comes off as a "teenager" in comparison to Lala's wise and caring older sister. She is lazy and uncooperative, and she has no concerns. She often mocks Lala for being an "old lady" and she is prideful in her appearance, and she's likely to fawn over those who are attractive. She often argues with Majoruka, and she has a tendency to be blunt when it comes with giving advice.

As a cat she is shown to be even lazier, and can often be found resting.


During Majoruka's claims over the Maho-Do, Hehe was shown enjoying herself whenever she wasn't being forced to do work. But at one point after angry customers tore the shop up, she angrily got stuck with the clean-up and had been forced to clean Majoruka's clothing. In the process she found her Crystal Ball, but being told to throw it out, she tossed it into the trash. Which eventually led to Majoruka's downfall.


  • After Sharp, Hehe disappeared from the series. This was due to her voice actresses decision to retire.


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