Name Changes

Type Original Magical DoReMi
Location Misora Port Mystic
Store Makihatayama Mariko The Rusty Broom
Transformation Chant Pretty Witch, ___-chi! Falla della dong ding, now I am a Witchling!
Spell Chant Each girl recites her unique spell, then requests what she wants. A unique rhyme for each request.



Robbie (#10)

Character Hazuki Fujiwara Reanne Griffith
Character Doremi Harukaze Dorie Goodwyn
Character Maki Takahashi Jen
Character Kotake Todd
Character Majorika Patina
Character Lala Loralie
Character Pop Harukaze Caitlyn Goodwyn
Object Identifying a Witch How to Become a Witch
Character Un-named rival soccer team Mighty Otters

Paint Edits

Original Magical DoReMi
The Harukaze house plate numbers Removed
A class schedule American Calender
A calligraphy board Graded Test Papers
Doremi's witch book had text in it. The text was replaced by lines to emulate writing.
Reading Books Their text is removed.

Dialogue Changes

Original Magical DoReMi
Music plays during the opening of the episode. Patina narrates during this part.
The charms have a fifty-fifty chance to work and there is a punishment for using it. Only one charm will bring good luck, the rest bring bad.
Doremi passes by Pop's room and there is silence. Caitlyn can be heard snoring.
As she heads to school Doremi introduces herself to the audience. Dorie complains about Caitlyn.
Sugiyama was reading slowly but Seki-sensei remains silent. She occasionally helped him.
The book is on Chapter 3. Page 15.
Doremi is insulted by Kotake using puns of her name, their resulting argument gets them sent into the hall for punishment. The puns are removed and she threatens him, then they are sent to the Principal.
Doremi tells Hazuki that she failed to confess again. So she won't go to the game. Reanne points out that Dorie can't go to the game because she got sent to the Principal.
Doremi was able to determine Majorika was a witch due to various attributes. Dorie somehow made the connection without doing this.
Majorika is upset that Doremi doesn't fear her. Loralie claims Patina hates the word "cool".
Majorika makes fun of Doremi's name, until Doremi returns the sentiment. Patina makes fun of her curfew until Dorie reminds her of the predictament she is in.
Doremi discovered how to summon her pollon and broom on her own. Loralei had to explain the process to her.
Maki wanted the charm in hopes it would give her the courage to confess to Igarashi. She wanted it to make him fall in love with her.
Hazuki asks Doremi if she plans on giving up on Igrashi. Reanne points out that Dorie never knew his name.

Skipped Scenes

Picture Explanation
The floating dandelion scene at the start is cut to remove scenes of Misora.
  Doremi makes a Bi~Da Face at Pop.
  Haruka's fight with Keisuke for bailing on housework and Doremi observing it. Once it gets violent she observes them before leaving. Pop is then shown returning to her room.
Doremi pictures herself as a witch frog.
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