Ikue Ootani is the voice actress of Hana Makihatayama and Majomonroe in Ojamajo Doremi. She was born on August 18, 1965.

Ikue is one of the most famous VA's in Japan for having a very high and cute voice, but also for doing a lot of male and female roles.

She is most famous for voicing Pikachu from Pokémon, and Chopper from One Piece.

Voice Roles

Note: The following list only includes roles for Ojamajo Doremi-related media.



  • DANCE! Ojamajo - Performer*
  • Watashi wa Ojamajo Hana-chan!! - Performer
  • Daisuki na Ehon to Mama no Uta - Performer
  • Damon ne! Hana-chan - Performer
  • Ojamajo Ondo de Happy-py!! - Performer*
  • MAHO de Cha-cha-cha!! - Performer*
  • Dokkān! Party Time!! - Performer*
  • Soreyuke! Majo Ranger - Performer*
  • Thank You, Mommies - Performer

* - Performed as part of MAHO-Dō.

Audio Drama

  • MAHO-Dou CD Collection Part 2: Screen Theme and Secret Story - Hana Makihatayama
  • Ojamajo DOKKA~N! CD Club Volume 1: Character Mini Album Special - Hana Makihatayama (Hana-chan) - Hana Makihatayama
  • Ojamajo DOKKA~N! CD Club Volume 7: Ojamajo DOKKA~N! Drama Theater - MAHO-Dou's Witch World Happy-py Tour!! - Hana Makihatayama
  • Ojamajo Doremi 17 Drama CD Vol. 2 - Hana Makihatayama
  • Ojamajo Doremi 19 Drama CD - Hana Makihatayama

Video Games


  • Many people have spread rumors across the internet that Ikue died. Thankfully, Ikue is alive and well.
  • She was pregnant in 2006 which is why she had not finished voicing Gash Bell for the remainder of the series run. It was also mentioned that there were enough voice clips for Pikachu so nobody had to take over.
  • She works under Mausu Promotion.
  • She has a pet named Iku-chan.

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