Karen Morino is a girl studying to become an actress who met and befriended Onpu Segawa during an audition.


After losing her father, a talented actor she aspired to be more like, Karen decided to participate in the auditions for a drama he once tried out for. She froze in fear when it came to her turn, leading Onpu to cast magic on her to help her out. Karen went on to win the role, and with her boost in confidence, she began to make a name for herself as an actress.


Karen has pale skin with big, maroon eyes and long hair worn loose, with her right ear exposed and the left covered. Her bangs are thick and pointed with a split off-center.

Her normal attire consists of a white dress with a dark orange vest that has a lighter colored hood, red socks, and black sandals.


An awkward and reserved young girl, Karen is flustered easily and a little clumsy whenever she gets nervous or anxious. She is very kind though and winning the audition after Onpu aided her has allowed her to open up and become more confident in herself. She is serious when it comes to acting.


After her initial appearance, she appears again in episode 24 of Dokkan in Battle Rangers acting as Commander Lady White. Replacing the prior leader of the series whose dismissal threatened to end the show.

Ojamajo Doremi Light Novel series

Karen is revealed by Onpu to still be an actress who has been signed up with a company for sometime prior to the novel. She and Onpu are shown to still keep in touch, and when Onpu decided to find a new company to work for she got in touch with Karen for some help and was quickly accepted by the staff and signed up as their newest performer.


  • In the dub, Karen kept her entire name. However, her background was changed, instead of her father dying from illness, the family had gone poor and lost money, therefore he had to get a paying job and could no longer act.


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