Keisuke Harukaze
Doremi papa
Gender Male
Voice Actors
Japanese Yuuta Mochidzuki

Keisuke Harukaze is the son of Yuusuke Harukaze and Riku Harukaze, and is married to Haruka Harukaze. He is the father of Doremi and Pop.


Keisuke writes for a fishing magazine and often leaves home for work. He doesn't really enjoy household chores and will try to skip out on them when he isn't trying to encourage his daughters to share his interest.


Keisuke is a tall adult man with slightly tanned skin and dark, short spiked hair. He has small dark colored eyes worn with a pair of glasses. His normal attire conists of a lavender button up shirt on top of a white shirt and beneath a dull, dark green vest with many pockets on it. His blue jeans are worn with purple and white tennis shoes.

For special occasions, Keisuke was shown wearing a pale brown tuxedo with a white top and dark, dull purple tie. The jacket is green with dark green lining, plain blue denim pants, a pale brown scarf, and dark brown shoes.


He is like a typical bumbling dad. He is very kind and loving to his family, and he likes to make dorky jokes to lighten the mood if things seem to be tense. He can be serious when the time calls for it, but he is also a bit childish and airheaded, and doesn't like to be told what to do or when his interests are insulted. He often fights with Haruka because of this, but they love each other deeply.

His love of fly fishing seems to be seen as an addiction by others. He knows a lot about lures and fish, he spends all of his money buying new poles and items he needs, and usually sneaks out to fish whenever he doesn't actually have work to do. He does use this to support the family however - and sometimes brings home fish for dinner.


Doremi - He enjoys seeing Doremi show an interest in his hobby and gets really excited by it. He was the one who first fed her steak after her rectial went poorly, and helped her learn more about sports in the Ojamajo Doremi 16 light novels.

Pop - He often lets Pop sit on his knees when the family watches television. He has a lot of faith in Pop, much like Haruka.

Haruka - While they are loving, Haruka has no problem beating her husband up when he decides to skip out of doing some chores or errands.

Parents - Riku is a very patient women who often tells the family stories. He has problems getting along with his father, Yuusuke and as such, their relationship is strained.


  • He was once accused of cheating on Haruka.
  • He really likes soccer.
  • At home, he wears a pair of green slippers. Possibly symbolizing that as his favorite color.