Kota Amano is a classmate of the ojamajo who stars in The Ojamajo's Fight for Justice!? against a sixth-grade bully Shinji Hashimoto, who he befriends at the end of the episode.


A boy obsessed with battle rangers, he, like many other males adore Onpu Segawa. But unlike them, who like her for her cuteness or idol-status. He likes her for her role as the Princess on the series, as well as her acting talent. He may have a small crush on her, stemming from his obsession with the hero series.


Kota Amano is a boy who treats everything in life like the hero genre he adores so much. He believes deeply injustice and will fight against any injustice, no matter who or what it is. He is very brave and perhaps a little careless/reckless in his decisions, but he means well at heart and just wants to keep everyone safe and happy.

Despite how eccentric and goofy he may come off, Kota is always very serious and can be very intimidating when he needs to be.


Kota is a deeply tanned boy with dark emerald green eyes and green-hazel colored hair that is about ear length with multiple spikes. His bangs are unevenly cut.

Kota wears a dark teal T-shirt with a single pink stripe going down both sleeves and a double circle design on the chest, consisting of green and purple colors. He also has a pair of tan pants and dark teal tennis shoes with white coloring and lime green laces.


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