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The Kururin Call (クルリンコール) is a cell phone-like device that allows Apprentice Witch to keep in touch whenever they can't be together. It can also be used to transfer magic. To use it, it requires one Magic Seeds.

It was later upgraded to the Patraine Call.


A pale pink flip phone with a gold music note design on the dark pink flap. Hanging from the back is a pink strap with a gold charm, and on the side is a gold flower-shaped antennae piece. Once opened, the Magic Seed's deposit slot is revealed, and above it is the pink, flower-shaped dial phone. Each number comes on its own color in the order of red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, white, hot pink, pale pink, and sky blue. In the middle is a large dark pink circle, and the stopper is a small gold clip.




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