Lala is a character in Ojamajo Doremi. She is an adult fairy who belongs to Majorika. She helps her and the girls with work when she isn't helping their fairies learn new things.


Lala is Majorika's patient fairy partner and friend. She remains optimistic after Majorika was transformed into a Witch frog and helped Doremi Harukaze get used to her new abilities.


Lala has fair skin and light purple eyes. Her long, wavy blonde hair is nearly thigh length, and she short bangs at the center of her forehead. Her antennae strands are curled. She wears lipstick and a pair of earrings, and on her head is a white cone hat. She wears a white one-piece outfit with a green gem on the chest and bunched, pale chartreuse fabric on each thigh, which connects to the puffy, chartreuse lace covering her legs. Paired with this is a gold bangle beneath her shoulder and a bracelet. In cat form, Lala is pure white with a long, thin tail and curled whiskers.


Lala is the friendly and compassionate fairy to Majorika's abrasive and greedy witch. She loves to make new acquaintances and she is respectful enough to lend a shoulder whenever she sees one of the girls struggling or in need of advice. Lala can be stern when called for though, and with wise insight, she has no problem pointing out where Majorika messed up, or she enjoys teasing others. Like Majorika, she can be playful at times and she enjoys getting out of the shop to have fun.

While she is level-headed and mature, Lala displays an impatient and hot-headed rivalry whenever Hehe is around, usually leading to them bickering or getting into physical fights. However, she is able to tolerate the lazy and hard to work with Baba.


Lala first appears in cat form on Majorika's lap when Doremi came across the shop. Like Majorika, she was horrified after Doremi yelled out, and after Majorika turned into a witch frog Lala returned to normal, startling Doremi further. But she quickly took to the idea and helped her and Majorika when it was decided that Doremi would become an Apprentice Witch.

Other Dub Portrayals

  • France - Blanche Revalec
  • Germany - Melanie Jung
  • Italy - Elisabetta Spinelli
  • Korea - Yoon Sora
  • Mexico - Irma Carmona
  • Phillippines - Rose Barin
  • Spain - Carmen Podio


  • She is the first fairy shown in series not to resemble her owner.


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