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Maho Dou Opens for Business is chapter 2 of the first light novel.


Excited to see Majorika, the girls reunite with their old witch friend and learn about how the others are doing. Meanwhile the girls try to help Miho and Nobuko repair their damaged friendship while trying to find out where Onpu went.


The three girls stare in shock to see Majorika before them as she steps out of the Maho-do. Majorika seems just as shocked but the four girls quickly embrace before Doremi takes a moment to study Majorika's appearance. However, she refuses to say what she is thinking as she is sure it may offend Majorika, so she instead asks what happened to make her return to Misora. The girls worry about the Witch World when Majorika suddenly becomes sullen and upset. Then Aiko points out that Majorika should be in the witch world watching over Hana-chan. They are joined by Lala, who comes out to tell them that she was fired. She starts to explain until seeing how upset Majorika looks, then changes the subject by inviting everyone in for some tea.

* * * * * * * *

As they head inside Doremi quickly notices how the items were the same as when she first met Majorika, Creepy and Witch-like. They find it calming however, as Doremi notices they didn't use magic to make the tea. She wonders why that is but assumes that it is simply because they got used to acting like humans the four years they stayed there. They saw the girls use love, not magic, when it came to things like sterilizing baby bottles or measuring Hana-chan's milk.

Doremi then asks Lala again what happened between Hana and Majorika. Before she starts, Lala instantly puts blame onto Hana and claims she is the wrong one before she goes on to explain what happened. Hana-chan returned to the witch world three years ago and spent everyday thinking about the girls while on the verge of tears. Majorika treated her as if she was her own mother, she showered her with love, and scolded her when bad. Eventually Hana-chan stopped crying and happily started to attend Magic Kindergarten with the promise of getting to see Doremi and the others the sooner she learned all of her magic and became a witch fit to take the place of the Queen. This was always used to encourage Hana and her magic began to improve rapidly and she even got to skip a grade and enroll into Magic Elementary school.

At first Hana-chan was happy but around the beginning of February she began to say she didn't want to go to that school anymore. Majorika and Lala tried to persuade her, thinking she was just throwing a tantrum from being separated from her friends. At first she would eventually calm down and behave, but then she began to throw more and more tantrums again. At one point her magic was so strong that it destroyed their house. Majorika had been able to restore it with magic, but since that day Hana-chan simply refused to speak to anyone. Majorika, Lala, Toto, Dodo, Rere, Mimi, Fafa, Roro, and Nini would all discuss it and determined that Hana-chan must have reached her rebellious stage. So they all took a vowel to just deal with this until it passed, but she was turning into a complete monster.

The Fairies were being mistreated, deliberately. Pao-chan, Hana-chan's white elephant friend was able to calm her down but eventually the effect wore off. Majorika had no choice but to resort to becoming very strict and scold her more often but this only led to Hana-chan lashing out and destroying Majorika's most precious item. The red ribbon carnation that she gave to Majorika as a Mothers Day Present the last year the girls were Apprentice. Out of a fit of anger, and the last of Majorika's patience she yelled at Hana and spanked her.

Doremi takes a moment before thinking she would have done the same before Lala continues to say that while crying, Hana-chan ran into the Royal Palace and told the Queen how Majorika punished her before showing her proof, then she demanded a change in guardian. At first the witch queen wanted to immediately dismiss Majorika for something like this, but Majorin convinced her to listen to Majorika's story first before rushing to judgment. Despite a change in feeling, the Queen was forced to do as Hana wanted anyway since she threatened to not become the next witch queen unless her guardian was switched to Majoruka. The witch queen had no choice but to comply with Hana-chan's demands. However she did decide to hold a secret meeting with the others, along with Majorika.

Everyone could agree that Hana-chan was the one who messed up but Majorika believes she punished Hana way too hard anyway and that maybe Majoruka would be a better suited guardian. Majorika then left with the queens permission to return to the human world and reopen the maho dou.

* * * * * * *

Doremi asks Majorika why she simply didn't tell everything to the queen but Majorika tries to change the subject as she is still upset over the ordeal. The girls try to argue that Hana isn't the same they knew growing up, and they try figuring out why she is acting up. But Majorika informs them that she plans to have Dodo and the others spy on Hana from the magic world and contact her if anything should happen. Lala then adds that the Yousei wanted to come too but Majorika persuaded them to stay there to watch over Hana-chan and find out what her true motive is.

Eventually the mood lightens up as Majorika begins to throw a fit and the girls mention the nostalgia behind it. She then insults them, which only makes everyone laugh twice as much. Majorika goes on to say that she and Lala plan to make a living by reopening the Maho-dou and sell Magical Goods. She was even thinking of asking the girls for some help, which surprises them until Lala explains that the profits were much better with their work; to the point of earning triple the amount. She offers to pay the girls for working part time before admitting that they have their own lives now, but she is sure they may have some time to spare to come help. So they begin to set up plans. Aiko will work during the evening until closing and she can also come in at any time on Saturdays and Sundays as long as she doesn't have a track meet. While Hazuki isn't sure yet since she needs to ask permission first, given that she had quit everything else to focus on her violin career and would only be able to come in during the weekends.

Majorika then picks Doremi to pick up the slack on weekdays but Doremi informs her that she's going to be working part time every night at a friends Steakhouse, so she can't. However, she soon reconsiders after everyone starts to berate her decision making and priorities.

* * * * * * *

From the next day on, everyone had been busy setting up the Maho-do again. Like previous, the girls changed the name back and refurbished the stores interior with bright wallpaper, friendly display, magic goods, and even transformed the furniture back into cute, chic, girly-colored ones. As before, they also ignored Majorika's opinion since she wanted to keep it dark and creepy, which Doremi thought was entirely fair since she gave up the job she desired just for this.

Just as they were finishing they began to hear a familiar singing voice and Dela appears. She greets the girls and exchanges handshakes with them before Majorika voices her surprise to see her since not too many witches knew of her reopening the Shop. As Dela explains how she found out, the ojamajo run off to prepare some tea and she begins to ask for an invoice on items. Like how much clay Majorika wishes to purchase. Majorika decides to ask for some glass orbs, chains, and a few other various items. However their pricing is a bit unreasonable and Aiko is able to bargain with Dela, even pointing out that seven years ago they never had to pay this much. At first this does nothing until they threaten to call another Wholesale Witch.

Dela finally breaks down and accepts the lower price offer. She claims it's just to celebrate the reopening of the shop and that she'll come back at the end of the month to collect the money. With some congratulations and laughs, everyone resumes fine tuning the final touches.

* * * * * * * *

Eventually the day of the school Entrance Ceremony arrives.

It's a bright, sunshine filled day. Outside the Harukaze family prepare for a group photo like they used to whenever someone was entering a brand new school. Keisuke asks if they should take another one but Pop's friends show up and she leaves while teasing Doremi. Doremi is quick to anger but their mom manages to convince her that Pop is only concerned for her. Before she leaves, Doremi takes a family photo with both her mom and dad.

* * * * * * * * * *

Doremi is very excited and pumped up for the new school term to begin. Apparently Misora Prefecture High School is a new high school but full of cute uniforms and lenient school culture, it's main selling points. It's a popular school and has unexpectedly high acceptance standards even if its academic level is pretty average itself. Doremi, being somewhat lazy tried to get into this school because it was closer to her home than the Elementary and Middle Schools were. It only takes about ten minutes to get there on foot, which means she could sleep in longer.

Upon arrival Doremi stands with her parents until it's time to separate from them and go to her classroom while the parents wait for the ceremony to start. Doremi is very happy to know that she'll most likely know most of the students she shares classes with and she begins to describe them. Yada Masaru, Hazuki's boyfriend who is aiming to become a jazz trumpeter, Hasebe Takeshi, who often fights with Yada despite hanging out with him a lot and has a gorgeous mother, Sagawa Yuuji and Oota Yutaka from SOS trio, and also Miyamae Sora who built an airplane by himself during elementary school. The girls consist of Kaori Shimakura, who was Tamaki's right hand girl and aimed to become a pro-photographer, Okuyama Naomi, who Doremi has shared a class with for ten years now, Nago Kayoko, a girl Doremi befriended during Elementary school and had gone from refusing to go to school to receiving perfect attendance in Middle School, and Yokogawa Nobuko, an aspiring novelist who really looked up to Aiko growing up, who Doremi hasn't shared class with since since Elementary school. Doremi also knew that Aiko will be there since Aiko ran over to her house a few days ago to tell her.

Doremi then breaks the fourth wall by promising to introduce the other students with detailing eventually, the ones she doesn't know personally from previous encounters.

After everybody finds a seat, Doremi is a bit chilled to see how weird their teacher looks. Almost like a reptile, which leads to Aiko making a small joke while Doremi tries to pronounce his name: Hachimaki Rokurou. The teacher begins to speak before he asks everybody to introduce themselves one at a time. Successfully everybody Doremi knew managed to introduce themselves, and Oota and Sagawa from the SOS trio gave a stupid jokes intro and as usual only Aiko managed to get the laughs.

Unfortunately Aiko also had said something about a sports team she likes, to which got her in an tense glare-down from the teacher as he responded with his own preference of the the Giants instead. Aiko makes an attempt to smooth things over but it doesn't happen. Leaving her in a foul mood as the entrance ceremony begins, until Doremi reminds her that they still need to get permission to work part time. Aiko asks her to do it for her until Doremi brings up that Yada told her earlier that they would need applications from their homeroom teacher, in person to write down information and then get a signature from the employer.

Hoping to perk up her blue friend, Doremi reminds her of all the issues they dealt with when they first worked at the Maho-dou. But this only leaves Aiki with concern, worried that because of Team preferences she and their teacher have and the bickering they got into, he may not approve of her. Doremi is able to cheer her up again though by telling her that she isn't the doubt-filled type of girl.

Once the ceremony comes to an end, Doremi drags Aiko to class and ask Leon for permission. He turns them down and asks them to come outside and they head to the roof. He lights up an unfiltered cigarette while Aiko asks why he won't let them work. He doesn't seem to understand her problem until Doremi reminds him that he turned down their question just a moment ago. But with a laugh, Leon claims he had only been speaking of his smoking. Nobody likes that he does it, so when he said "Nope, can't be done" he simply meant he could not smoke in the room he was in and had been speaking to himself. So once again Aiko asks and he tells them it's fine as long as they fill out the application forms.

Doremi asks if they could possibly begin to work tomorrow and he curtly tells them only if they submit the papers by the end of school, along with supervisors name, address, and seal of approval. So they quickly leave the faculty room.

* * * * * * *

At the shoe lockers Doremi comments how the teacher doesn't seem to care about their personal lives or anything like their old teachers used to, but just then he arrives to inform them that it is important that they gain his trust first. He also planned to remind Aiko that he heard from someone that she placed in the national championships for the 100-meter race at her Middle School in Osaka. He says something before laughing and leaves.

Aiko then comments that for a man who likes to make jokes, he picks really bad things to joke about.

* * * * * * * * *

After the entrance exam Doremi and Aiko meet up with Hazuki at the Misora Park fountain area while heading to Onpu's house. They have been worried over her and were hoping to find a clue or some information from her old house. On the way over, they discuss their classmates and teachers and Aiko is still unsure if Leon can be trusted, while Doremi is hung up over how different he is. After laughing so much Hazuki calms down and expresses joy to be with her friends again.

They come to the Segawa household and notice how abandoned it looks. The gate was locked, and all the plants had withered and died. Hazuki then points out that the mailbox is over flowing with mail and they find their postcards and letters sent over the time, which makes them worry even more since none of it never reached Onpu. But not wanting to be intrusive, the gently put all of the mail back into the box when suddenly a mysterious voice startles them. They find a man who looks to be in his forties, along with a younger boy holding a Camera. They ask if the girls know Onpu and Doremi recalls that he is a reporter for a weekly Woman's Magazine.

He continues to ask if they're classmates of Onpu but they all lie and claim to just be fans and proceed to run while dragging Doremi behind them. Which makes the Reporter chase after them until eventually giving up. They head to a playground nearby and stop as Hazuki informs the other two that the two males stopped following them. Doremi demands an explanation and as it turns out, this man was the one writing all of the slander related to Onpu lately. This makes the trio fume and they continue to discuss before deducing that he was going to write up more made-up garbage.

Suddenly, the three are joined by Kaori Shimakura who asks them why they are there. Doremi explains that they had gone to see Onpu's old home when those weird guys showed up, so they just ran in any random direction to rid of him. Shimakura also spotted them and informs them that Onpu's old House will be put up on Market soon. But this is only a rumor, so Hazuki warns her not to tell anyone; especially the tabloids before she goes. The girls resume trying to think up of something to help and they ask Majorika, who doesn't answer. So they figure she left for the Spa or Hot Springs.

After a few more ideas, the girls decide to go where Onpu's dad works, as he is a conductor for a sleeper express train that goes between Tokyo and Sapporo.

* * * * * * * * * *

After an hour, the three girls reach the main headquarters belonging to the railroad company but after they explain the situation to the front desk, the receptionist informs someone and the girls go to see a man who worked with Onpu's dad. He tells the girls that he transferred to the new office in Sapporo around the end of January, but he is unable to give anymore information since it's against the rules to reveal personal info.

As the girls prepare to leave, the man does however point out that Onpu is doing well for the time being. The girls try to remain happy knowing this but find it too hard, even with Hazuki making attempts to lighten the mood. Doremi then suggests that they try to save up enough money to give Onpu a visit.

* * * * * * * * * *

Over the course of a few days Doremi goes over how everything has been. Their main goal has gone from just working part time at Maho-do, to meeting and finding Onpu and wondering what happened to their purple haired friend. The money gained hadn't been too much at first but it made sense since the Maho-do was down for three years before suddenly picking up again.

Soon three weeks go by and the customers who used to know or visit the Maho-Do began to come back due to nostalgia and the girls each tried to promote the store to friends, new and old classmates, and family alike. So the store was finally beginning to liven up and soon word-of-mouth spread to the point that even Middle Schoolers and High School Girls from outside of Misora City were starting to show up.

Doremi also talks about her role in the Maho-do, this being a salesperson once school ended. She was also helping Majorika when nobody else was around. She then starts to discuss Aiko, who started with everyone withdrawn around her. But when they got to know more about her role on the Track Team she got pretty popular. Even her relationship with their new teacher has brightened up to a comedic one.

* * * * * * * * * *

One day Aiko arrives to the MAHO Dou in a depressive mood. Doremi asks her what the problem is and Aiko resumes working on crafts with the magic clay as Majorika scolds her for being so down. Aiko apologizes before being asked if something happened at school, but she tells them it isn't a big deal. She reaches into her bag to take out Nobuko's notebook.

Lala proceeds to look through the book while asking if there is a problem with Nobuko finishing another novel. Aiko explains that Nobuko asked her to read it and tell her what she thought about it afterwards, which is very common but Aiko tells Lala that its not an interesting story. Doremi is surprised by this since they write so well, but Aiko points out that Nobuko sent some of their work while she lived back in Osaska, but this is very boring in comparison to their old stories.

She then tells Doremi to read it and hands the notebook over to her friend.

* * * * * * * * *

The following day Doremi walks along to school, commenting that she was a bit sleep deprived since reading the novel took her a long time to do. She wasn't even able to finish it because it just kept putting her back to sleep until she finally realized morning had come. Aiko rushes by and asks her about the novel and she can tell how tired Doremi is. She confesses that she too found it boring and they wonder why the work is so much lower in quality than usual. Doremi even teases by claiming unhappiness in seeing her dog personal in a stale, boring book.

Aiko then asks Doremi what to do about Nobuko, since she doesn't want to hurt her feelings. But neither girl can find an alternative option to this conundrum so with heavy hearts they simply put away the novel and continue to walk.

The proceeding day is a Saturday. Doremi heads to the MAHO-dou while folding up her umbrella, considering the gloomy, non-stop rain weather. Hazuki, sitting at the table while drinking tea with Majorika and Lala greets Doremi before Majorika tells her to come join them while replacing the tea leaves in the pot.

Suddenly the bell rings, which accidentally makes Doremi spill her tea. Aiko apologizes right away before commenting on how she feels worse than they did on Friday. She tells them about the fight she had with Nobuko but first Lala has her sit down to have some tea.

Aiko explains that before heading to her Club she found Nobuko, who was staying after class for Cleaning Duty. Aiko returned the notebook and told Nobuko the truth, but Nobuko didn't seem surprised in the least. She admits that she found it boring as well, which annoys Aiko given how nonchalant she is behaving. She points out that the logical thing would have been to rewrite the story instead of having others read it, but Nobuko claims to have been in too much of a slump. So much that she was considering just stopping her writing all together. This angered Aiko worse and they soon ended up in a yelling fit before separating.

Currently, Aiko proceeds to silently vent. She feels bad she got so angry but she didn't want Nobuko to just give up her passion due to one minor thing. It's then Hazuki confesses that she thinks Nobuko's writers block is due to Miho and Doremi agrees, reminding them of how awkwardly they were acting at the Reunion a month ago.

Aiko mentions that in fifth grade, both of them had made great Manga together as "Misora Komachi". But despite this they're both attending different high schools. They didn't even speak at the reunion after party.

Majorika and Lala agree that the Ojamajo should try to talk to Miho and to their surprise she suddenly shows up. This shocks the trio, but they quickly greet her. She mentions that she saw a poster nearby and came to check out the Shop, causing them to admit they were just speaking about her. She asks what items they sell and Hazuki shows her around. Miho then asks for items that bring misfortune to someone you hate which startles everyone again, only to point out that they have nothing of the sort. She claims to be joking however and considers purchasing something related to dreams.

Doremi shows her the perfect pendant and Aiko wraps it up as she runs off to fetch change. Hazuki boldly asks Miho why she decided to study at Aogaoka Academy instead of Misora High School, causing Miho to mention that Aogaoka has a Manken Club and it has produced many pro manga artists. Hazuki continues to ask why she didn't ask Nobuko to enroll with her, surprising Miho, but she is quick to just say she doesn't want to hear Nobuko's name again and hurriedly lies to leave. The three girls try to run after her, but the sudden rain stops them and they watch Miho run away. However, their determination has increased and they plan to find out the truth.

As they try to figure out what they do, one of them suggest that before they try to determine what is making them fight, they should just openly ask them. They decide that Doremi will go see Nobuko since Aiko just got into a fight with her, while Aiko and Hazuki will go and see Miho. Doremi then comments that if they had magic this would be way easier, but after they glare at her she claims to only be joking.

It's then Majorika points out that considering everything that the girls have done, they have a considerable amount of credit in the Witch World. So if they asked the Queen she would probably allow them to become witch apprentice once more. Doremi is quick to agree to it, but states that they grew up using their strength and they chose to live on this path. So they would not need the use of magic to help them this time.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Later that afternoon Majorika allows the girls to have a break since there was a lot of downtime from all of the rain. The girls split up and Doremi quickly runs to Nobuko's home, just to find Nobuko returning with her mother. She is greeted by Nobuko's mother and Doremi starts to explain why she came, but Nobuko stops her and brings her up to her bedroom.

The girls snack on Strawberry Shortcake while conversion. Nobuko can already tell that Doremi planned to bring up what happened between her and Aiko tells and tells her that she wishes to reconcile with her. She asks Doremi to do it for her though and she promises to help out, but she also came for another reason. She brings up Miho but is told the same thing that Miho told the trio earlier. But she does tell Doremi to leave if she plans to speak more regarding "Mihomiho". Though Doremi doesn't listen and asks why the girls are attending two separate schools and Nobuko offers to tell her, but only if she will leave after she finishes.

She explains how they were thinking up the material for their newest manga when Miho mentions the Aogaoka Academy and how they should attend it since it has the manken. At first Nobuko hadn't heard Miho since she had been so absorbed in their story, but Miho claims that Nobuko had nodded meaning that she did hear her. However, Nobuko really had no intentions of joining this costly school with higher standards then Misora High School. Doremi tries to speak but Nobuko simply claims that Miho is holding a grudge now, since she never took the Aogaoka's entrance exam. This pissed her off and their friendship and partnership was dissolved.

Nobuko then forces Doremi to leave as she tries to ask for more information.

* * * * * * * * *

Upon returning to the MAHO Dou, Doremi sees both Hazuki and Aiko already waiting and reveal to Doremi that they did get her to tell them why the two of them are fighting. She tells them the same story, but adds that Nobuko claims she didn't really hear Miho's suggestion and then arbitrarily ended the partnership.

Aiko points out that there isn't much they can do since it was a simple misunderstanding and both girls think its the others fault, then mentions that she and Hazuki also agree with what Nobuko said. But Miho insists that it wasn't a mistake and Nobuko is a liar.

Suddenly Hazuki realizes something and points out that whenever Nobuko would lie, she tends to make a duck face. Doremi had seen this expression before being forced to leave, which makes her realize that Nobuko was lying. She had heard everything but pretended not to and never took the exam, and because of that she was the one to end the partnership. Aiko asks why Nobuko would go so far as to lie like this since they always got along, then it's said that it sounds like Nobuko was trying to dissolve the partnership even before the entrance exams. So the girls decide that they need to ask Nobuko some more questions.

* * * * * * * * * *

The following Sunday, Majorika allows the girls a two hour break between 2 and 4 PM and they head to Misora Park. Hazuki and Doremi managed to get Miho to meet them at the park and then hid themselves from a spot they could spy on Miho. Meanwhile, Aiko had gone to meet up with Nobuko, who jogs for dieting exercise every Sunday afternoon.

In order to tire out Nobuko, Aiko ran really fast and gets Nobuko to take a break on the nearby bench the girls are hiding by. Aiko asks her if she's alright and the sit down to drink their drinks before they start to talk. Aiko is happy that the two of them made up and Nobuko mentions having to thank Doremi for this. But suddenly Aiko discusses Miho, and Nobuko quickly tries to change the subject. As they spy the girls realize how upset Miho is getting and Hazuki tries to comfort her. But too far on the edge, Aiko tries to distract Nobuko to keep her there. Before either girl can leave though, Doremi starts yelling.

Aiko yells back at Doremi, but she tells her that she is fine being meddlesome. She starts to yell at Nobuko and asks her why she lied to Miho in order to dissolve their partnership and friendship. Nobuko claims she didn't lie though, but they call her out on her lying tic. Doremi refuses to let her leave even though Nobuko thinks that because they are grown ups now, they can solve things by themselves. She is getting fed up with Doremi, which hurts her feelings. Then Aiko yells at Nobuko for being so mean to her. Doremi continues to speak, saying that no matter how upset she feels she doesn't care if Nobuko hates her, she's just telling the truth.

Nobuko continues yelling at Doremi but Doremi keeps arguing back. She claims she was a fan of both Nobuko's stories and their manga, which Aiko agrees with. A moment of silence goes by after, then Nobuko claims that Miho is better off without her. Doremi asks Nobuko why she said this and slowly she begins to explain what she heard one day when Miho was speaking to an editor.

They kept getting honorable mentions no matter how many things they applied to. So when they visited a magazine company to ask an editor for advice, they were provided with useful advice and the editor encouraged them to keep trying. But then Nobuko had to use the restroom and the editor told Miho in private that she would benefit teaming up with a writer befitting of her then Nobuko's nonsensical stories. She was sure Miho would be quick to debut right away if she did. The girls ask how Nobuko heard this and she confesses that she was unable to find the bathroom, so she came right back.

In order to help Miho achieve her dreams, Nobuko was willing to lie and "become the villian". Doremi was about to hug her until Miho instead does it, which surprises Nobuko as she realizes that Miho was standing right there. She asks Nobuko why she just didn't tell her the truth, but Nobuko said she felt badly being treated like dead weight while they eagerly acknowledged Miho's talent. Miho claims that what the editors said wasn't true and claims that she only got good at drawing because of the stories Nobuko makes up. She mentions that the editor sent her a written manuscript by a famous writer that asked her to draw it as a manga, but she turned down the offer and sent it back.

Nobuko asks why but Miho tells her it's because she wont draw Manga unless its as Misora Komachi, and with Nobuko. The girls then decide to leave while Miho and Nobuko cry and embrace each other.

* * * * * * * *

A week later, the girls are reading Misora Komachi's newest Manga and they deem it to be their best work yet.

End of Chapter 2


  • Majorika: ...I don't care about that brat...


  • Majorika: I, well, we're not related by blood, but I really do think of Hana and you guys as if you were my real daughters!! Of course I'd do at least that much!


  • Doremi: ....This is that Pavlov's Dog thing, isn't it?


  • Doremi: Oh, what bliss it is, being able to sleep an extra five minutes in the morning... heheh, you get where I'm coming from, right?


  • Doremi: Of course, I was super happy about it too, so Ai-chan and I had hugged each other and danced around on my front stoop as people passing by stared at us strangely.


  • Doremi: Tell me about it. I was hoping for some eyecandy for homeroom, but I don't think you could even call this thing human...


  • Aiko: I read that article at a beauty salon too. It seriously pissed me off so much I threw the magazine across the room!


  • Doremi: All right! Hokkaido is to the north, so... this way, right? Onpu-chan! We'll definitely come to see you, so wait for us!
  • Hazuki: Doremi-chan, that's south.
  • Aiko: West is this way, so ya gotta face that way for north.
  • Doremi: Oh maaaaan!


  • It has been three years since the girls last saw Majorika, meaning they were 13. The anime ended when they were 11 or 12.
  • Doremi references her poor crafting skills for the first time in this series. Which reflects to her poor craft skills from Season 1.
  • Misora Komachi comes from "Misora", the towns name and "Komachi" which means Belle or Town Beauty.