Perfect Harmony was a dub-only insert song of Magical Doremi. It, along with a few other songs were usually
Dub sing along

The intro card for sing-alongs

shown at the end of an episode during the Magical Doremi: Witchling Sing Along.

It was the third song to be added, shown after ___, and ____. It is a total of one minute and one second long.


The lesson of the song is about working together with peace and things will get done. 'But without even trying you will never find such wonderful things in life.


There's a song in your heart Only you can sing

And there's no telling what that song will bring

There's a melody inside And it's one of a kind And there's no telling just what we can find

Let your spirit leave the ground and let the whole world hear the sound In perfect harmony.

Together as one In perfect harmony.

We can get the job done and if you listen closely you can hear the tune.

Come and sing with me In perfect harmony.


  • The title is a reference to the dub name of Magical Stage.
    • This is further implied when multiple images show the girls casting magic.
  • This song notoriously had many spoilers in it, revealing things in episodes not aired yet.