Majo Monroe was Momoko's witch mentor and a very dear friend. She lived and worked in a small bakery in New York City.



Majo Monroe was a very kind and friendly witch. She was also a very positive person. According to Majo Ririka, she was respected and loved by anyone who had met her.

Majo Monroe was a very gifted pastry chef, who had honed her sweet making skills with great care and love. She liked to share her knowledge with others and was a very patient teacher.

Despite her happy appearance, she seems to have been a very lonely person. Thankfully, her loneliness was brought to an end after she met Momoko. Majo Monroe was very thankful to Momoko because of this.



She had long and curly blonde hair, which went down to her chest. Her eyes were very shiny and dark maroon in color. She also had a beauty mark on her left cheek.

Majo Monroe wore a typical witch outfit consisting of a dark mauve cloak, a dress, and pointy witch shoes. Her hat resembles the hat which is usually worn by pastry chefs when they're working. She also had big and round light pink earrings and she wore her magic crystal as a necklace.

Witch Frog

She had turned into a witch frog when Momoko saw her riding a broom. Unlike many other witch frogs, she didn't really seem to mind being turned into one- in fact, it seemed like she didn't even try to hide her true identity from Momoko. After she was cursed, her relationship with Momoko, thankfully, hasn't changed.

Her magic crystal was a light pink star, which changed its color into indigo after she turned into a witch frog.


Majo Monroe and her twin sister, Majo Vanilla, were born over a millennium ago from from the same rose.

Several years prior to the series, Majo Monroe met a young Momoko Asuka in a park. Momoko, due to a language barrier, couldn't befriend anyone after she had moved to New York from Japan. Using simple English sentences, Monroe offered a cookie to Momoko which cheered her up. Momoko would visit her every day in order to learn English and baking. After some time, a grandmother/granddaughter relationship developed between the two.

One day, Momoko surprised her when she was coming back from her trip to the Witch World, and she immediately turned into a witch frog. Momoko decided to become her witch apprentice and she worked very hard in order to turn her back into her normal form.

Unfortunately, Monroe was very ill, which she kept a secret from Momoko. By the time Momoko successfully passed the final witch apprentice exam and returned to turn her back, Monroe was already laying in her deathbed, telling her there was no need anymore. She took off a single orange colored earring that which she treasured and gave it to Momoko to treasure. Monroe passed away, but not before she thanked Momoko for the wonderful time they had spent together.


Majo Vanilla

While not much it known about their relationship, Majo Vanilla stated that they had a friendly rivalry and that they worked together to improve their baking.

Momoko Asuka


  • Her name and appearance are based on the actress Marilyn Monroe.
  • Majo Monroe had made a copy of the Illusionary Recipe from Majo Roxanne's Recipe Diary, which she kept in her own recipe book unbeknownst to Majo Tourbillon. Unaware of the existence of the copy, Tourbillon only ripped the recipe from the Recipe Diary and only erased Roxanne's memory of it, sparing the copy and Monroe's memory.
  • Momoko often dreams about her; especially when she needs advice.
  • Her last words were "Thank you so much".


Theme songs

MAHO Dou - America Gaeri no Majo Minarai

MAHO Dou - America Gaeri no Majo Minarai

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