Majo Parla is the head chef of Restaurant Roxanne, a popular restaurant in the Witch World that's owned by Majo Roxanne.



Majo Parla is rather short and has tanned skin with reddish hair and eyes.


Majo Parla is described by Majo Miller to be "a very charismatic chef with many fans". She is confident in her own skills, sometimes displaying arrogance towards other chefs.


Majo Parla is first seen being observed by the Ojamajos as they follow the Witch Queen through the restaurant. Doremi drools over the sight of the steak that Parla is grilling for her customer.

Later as the queen and the girls beg Majo Roxanne for Recipe Diary to borrow, she calls Majo Parla in and challenged the girls to compete against Parla in a sweets-making contest for the Recipe Diary.

Hazuki observes that Parla isn't measuring out her ingredients, but merely pouring them in. Parla responds that measuring out ingredients for making sweets is only important for rookies, and as a first-rate chef in the Witch World she has no need for measuring tools. The girls gaze in awe of Parla showing off her skills in knowing how much of each ingredient to use.

Majo Parla then looks down on the girls for calling themselves Patisseries at Doremi's mistake for forgetting to add the whipped egg whites. She then claims that as Majo Roxanne's number one disciple it is only right that she receives the Recipe Diary instead of the girls.

At the end of timer, both Majo Parla and the girls finish their cakes. Parla presents a tall cake shaped like the queen's castle, made with Roxanne's favorite chestnuts. The girls then present five smaller cakes in the shape of musical instruments. Despite Parla believing the girls cakes are inferior, Roxanne is emotionally moved by the taste of the girls' cakes due to subconsciously hearing nostalgic music, and declares the witch apprentices as the winners to everyone's shock. Parla exclaims that she cannot accept this thinking that Roxanne doubts her abilities to be less than those of human children. Roxanne responds that while her cake is good, Parla had made the cake using things she already liked, whereas the girls made their cakes thinking outside the box. With disappointment, Majo Parla admits defeat.


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