Majo Pi and Majo Pon are a pair of young witches who help out with various tasks throughout the witch world.

Originally, only Majo Pon appeared through season 1. Majo Pi joined her during Sharp.


Originally part of the Witch Apprentice exams, these two friendly witches were eventually promoted to nurses assisting Majo Heart.

In Dokkan, they took jobs as the daycare and kindergarten teachers for the magic babies. Aiding them was Oyajide.


Majo Pon and Majo Pi are both youthful, light-skinned witch who wear the same work outfits but with some minor differences. Such as Majo Pon having dark pink accents while Majo Pi has blue. Majo Pon also adorns her hats with a yellow flower and wears leg warmers, while Majo Pi wears stockings and earrings. 

Majo Pon has brown shoulder-length hair with the bottom flared out in small curls and slightly shorter forelocks that curl inward. At the center of her forehead are a few loose strands. Her eyes are brown.

Majo Pi has sharp dark purple eyes and short matching colored hair that curls outward on end. Her bangs frame her face with a single, loose strand curling down from the corner.

Originally the girls wore a white cropped sailor top with an azure collar and sleeve cuff. At the middle is a pastel yellow ribbon with a gem on it. This was paired with an azure pleat skirt, loafers worn with white leg warmers and an azure witch hat with a light indigo band around the middle.

In Sharp, they switched to a short white nurses uniform with pale pink sleeve cuffs and a floral stethoscope around the neck, tucked into a side-pocket. Around the waist was a thin belt, and they wore light grey flats with socks.

In Dokkan the girls switched to their final outfits. This consisted of a loose lavender sweater that had a white collar and buttons with a pocket on each side. This was paired with a skirt, Mary-Jane's, and bandanna in her theme color, and socks.


A pair of happy-go-lucky girls who appear to act like human teenagers. They are playful and appear to be good friends, and it's hard to find them down or troubled. They are easily excited, but they can also be serious and stern when called for. 

At times, Majo Pon is shown to act sensitively and she can be easily distracted, while Majo Pi is shown to get serious and annoyed whenever someone is misbehaving.


  • While they are never shown to do magic, they are shown to have Crystal Balls.
  • The girls refer to Majo Pon with terms describing an older sister.


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