"The witches here have forgotten about other important things because magic is so convenient. That's why I will never cast magic."
―Majo Ran

Majo Ran is Majo Heart's adopted daughter. She currently lives in the Human World.



She has deep auburn eyes and short blonde hair that reaches mid-neck with her bangs slightly obscuring both sides of her face. She wears a dark raspberry-colored headband with a pair of matching earrings. Her attire consists of a dark purple jumpsuit and a magenta cape, along with a gold necklace with a single sphere hanging from it on each side of the neck.


Ran is rather friendly for a witch, and admires humans for the qualities of emotions that witches lack. When she was younger she did not understand the purpose of magic, which made her a bit confused. She eventually swore off of it and is known for being very stubborn.


Like all witch children, Majo Ran was raised by her first adoptive mother for the first year of her life to then be moved to the Witch Kindergarten dorms. For several years, she pondered why she could cast magic that turns people into stone but not to heal injuries. Her teachers would shrug of her questions without care, and became frustrated with Ran's constant interference with other witch girls trying to use their magic to get their way. Eventually, the teachers assigned Ran to live with a new foster mother, Majo Heart. Ran was reluctant due to the two of them being strangers, but Heart assured her that they just needed to get to know each other. She adopted Ran and they both moved to the Human World away from the influence of magic.

One day, Ran purposely broke one of Heart's vases, but Ran assured her it was okay since she could use magic to fix it right away. Heart told her to stop, and Ran asked why she couldn't use magic to fix broken things like she could in the Witch World. Heart told her she didn't want her daughter to become that kind of witch and hugged her. The two then proceeded to glue the pieces of the vase back together, strengthening their bond. Not long after this, Ran was able to befriend many human children and play with them, as well as watch her mother make medicine.

One evening while Majo Ran was preparing dinner for mother who had just arrived home, Majo Heart told her to pack her belongings as she had decided they were moving back to the Witch World immediately. After moving back, Ran observed that her mother had changed, then she ran away from home.

Ojamajo Doremi #

The Ojamajos first meet Majo Ran when the girls are flying back from another health examination for Hana. They spy her on the ground doing mechanical work under the hood of her car. Curious about the presence of a car in the Witch World, the girls ask if something was wrong. Ran replies that the car is in bad shape as a result of depreciation. Doremi offers to use magic to fix it but Ran asks that magic not be used on it. After a short while, Ran finishes fixing her car and notices the girls were still there observing her. When learning that the girls are humans, she happily converses with them as she had not seen humans in a very long time. Ran explains that she doesn't want magic cast on her car because she loves it dearly, and believes it's pitiful if one doesn't treasure their things, whether it be a car or not.

After a short while hanging with the girls as they played at the riverbank, Ran thinks of an idea that may enable her to meet with the Witch Queen. The girls ask Ran various questions about the queen, and Ran tells Doremi if she really wants to know then to come with her, taking Doremi by the hand with Hana still in the latter's arms and the three of them drive away, leaving Hazuki, Aiko, and Onpu confused.

Majo Ran explains to Doremi that she has something she wishes to ask the queen directly, and if she uses Doremi and Hana as her "hostages", the queen can't turn down meeting with Ran or do anything to her. Doremi casually accepts the situation, saying she doesn't think the queen will be mad at Ran. Doremi and Majo Ran converse about the "weird nature" of the Witch World, regarding the spoiled society that has grown from lack of interaction with the Human World.

On the road leading directly to the Witch Queen's castle, magic cacti sprout up from the ground as obstacles to stop Majo Ran in her car from approaching further. Doremi casts magic to attach a large glider to the car and lift it in the air, saying that she didn't want to see Ran's precious car get damaged. Feeling touched, Ran smiles and agrees to keep moving forward while airborne.

While trying to dodge numerous floating "Do Not Enter" traffic signs, Majo Ran totaled her car into the ground, with bits of debris scattered. Doremi and Hana were unharmed, while Ran was inflicted with a scrape across her left cheek. She calmly mourned her car's destruction and apologized. Doremi called out to her from ahead and pointed towards the castle that was on the small plateau above them. Hazuki, Aiko, and Onpu catch up to them on their brooms and demand Ran to let Doremi and Hana go. Doremi tries to clear up the misunderstanding but Ran continues on her own towards the castle, telling Doremi that she's jealous of how fortunate she is for having such wonderful friends.

As Majo Rin informs the Witch Queen of an intruder, Majo Ran hops over the gate of one of the courtyards and confronts them. She apologizes for trespassing, but insists that she must ask the queen something. The queen agreed to listen, and Majo Heart appears in the courtyard as well, asking her daughter if she could also listen to what she has to say.

Majo Ran asks the queen when she will reopen communications with the Human World, as there are things that witches can only learn from humans such as powerful emotions, which Ran believes are very important to have. The queen understood Ran's reasoning, but declined to reopen communications immediately due to the presence of the Witch Frog Curse and humans having mostly forgotten the existence of witches.

Doremi runs to Majo Ran in the courtyard crying for the queen not to be mad at Ran, as she is not a bad person. She reaches up to Ran's cheek to rub some antibiotic ointment on that Majo Heart had given her earlier, which reminded Ran of her childhood when Heart did the same for her after getting hurt from playing. Ran realizes that she had forgotten how much her mother loved her, and she thanks both Doremi and the queen.

Later she awaits her punishment in a small dungeon and Majo Heart comes in, informing her that she is banished from the Witch World and is to be sent to live in the Human World. Heart wishes her to live a happy life there and Ran asks her mother why she left the Human World behind. Heart responds that she believed humans to be incomprehensible, not forgetting that humans tried to make a profit off of her medicine she made for them during a huge epidemic at the time by price gouging. War soon broke out afterwords, and seeing the destruction of a church had made Heart feel hopeless as many humans she saved ended up dying later in the war from senseless violence. Ran fell to her knees crying that she was still happy, wanting to live forever in that house by the shore with her mother. Heart assured her that she was too, and she made the decision for them to move back because she didn't want Ran to experience the same traumatic memories that she did. Ran cries that the place she wants to be most is where her mother is, and Heart assures her that they will meet again one day. The two of them hug, forgiving each other.


  • Majo Ran's beloved car most closely resembles a 1937 Delahaye 135 M.


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