"The battle is already over."

Majo Ruka is Majo Rika's long-time rival and younger twin sister. She first appears to claim ownership of the Mahou-dou when Majo Rika lost it in a game of cards against Dela. But she was defeated by the girls and sent packing. She would become Onpu Segawa's first mentor in the latter's witch apprenticeship.

Her fairy is Hehe.



Majo Rika has fair-tan skin with pointed ears and a few wrinkles. Her eyes are brown and she wears teal eye shadow and dark red lipstick. Her mauve hair is short-medium in length with a small amount worn loose and the rest pulled up in two cones, each held with gold and black accessories. She has two loose curls at her forehead. She wears silver rectangle earrings.

Normally Majo Ruka wears a black witch outfit. The inside of her cape is purple, and her collar is light burgundy. She also wears burgundy gloves and shoes, and her crystal ball around her neck. 

As a witch frog, Majo Ruka has dark, dull green skin and two curled hairs in comparison to Majo Rika's one. She has dull burgundy lips and wears her crystal ball around her neck on a black string.


Majo Ruka is fairly similar to Majo Rika. She is usually easy-going and playful, and she's likely to be in high-spirits and come off as kind and considerate to those she likes or genuinely wants to please, such as Onpu or customers. She has a foul temper, and while she is barely ever riled up, she's likely to abuse those who work beneath her, or with her, like Hehe. She is self-serving and focuses more on making herself look better than those she views as a threat or could care nothing about. Despite her condescending nature, Majo Ruka is also a skilled teacher herself, with her passing various wisdom about the Witch World and its language system to Onpu (something Majo Rika didn't do to the Ojamajo), allowing the latter to be the main source of knowledge for the Ojamajo following her becoming their friend and ally.


Since they were younger, Majo Ruka and Majo Rika had a bitter rivalry. They often sabotaged and played pranks on each other until one day the event to determine the owner of the Maho-do in Misora was held. After Rika won, their rivalry was further fueled.

Winning the shop's deed from Majo Rika, Dela proceeded to sell it to Majo Ruka, who then changed the shop, transformed a bat and rat into assistants and attracted numerous customers throughout Misora for her brand new, chic items and real working charms.

Ruka used her dark magic to create everything, causing the various magic charms to have nasty side effects and eventually, the entire town bought so many of her goods. Things were hopeless for the girls as they tried to protect everyone and get rid of the charms, but eventually, the store went downhill when a whole group of irate customers showed up demanding refunds. They tore the store apart and in a hurry to get her clothing cleaned, Ruka sent Hehe out to tend to it, unaware of her Crystal Ball being in the pile.

It fell into the trash and wound up in the local dumpster, where Doremi and her friends hurriedly fled to in order to track it down. The girls found it first but Ruka attempted to trick them into handing it over, which she then angrily challenged them to a duel. She was defeated and the Deed returned to Rika.

In this time, Majo Ruka vanished and headed to a beach to unwind. However, she had been caught casting magic by the child idol Onpu Segawa, who was at the nearby Idol Camp. After Onpu changed her into a Witch Frog, she realized her new apprentice could help her get back at Majo Rika as she became her Manager. Majo Ruka planned to increase Onpu's popularity and create more financial profit for the chance of becoming the new witch queen.

At the end of Season 1, Majo Ruka made plans on packing up and leaving for the Witch Frog's Town.

Starting from Sharp to the end of the series, she would continue to make occasional appearances.

Ojamajo Doremi 16

After the girls stopped being Apprentice, Majo Ruka was said to have returned to the Witch World, where she would later be put in charge of raising Hana after the young witch ran to the Witch Queen and demanded to be taken out of Majo Rika's custody.

It was later discovered that one evening when she had been drinking, Hana got information out of her about the location of her twin. It was also revealed that she is Majo Rika's younger twin sister.


Majo Rika

Although she has an intense rivalry with Majo Rika, she later befriends her when Onpu decides to join Doremi, Aiko, and Hazuki studying beneath Majo Rika. They spend a lot of time hanging out to have fun, drinking, or go to one-another whenever one has to complain or feels like chatting.

Onpu Segawa

While her relationship with her apprentice began with personal gain and revenge in mind, she displayed concern over Onpu's excessive use of Forbidden Magic.


  • Majo Ruka is the first and so far the only known witch to engage in the art of dark magic, creating charms with a side effect or capable of delaying the effect of the Forbidden Magic if only temporary.
  • She hates butterflies and old man jokes because she finds them funny.
  • She has a custom witch wand that resembles the others, but with bat wings on them.


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