Majo Vanilla is a member of the Witch Senate and the Witch World's "Number 1 Baker". She is Majo Monroe's twin sister. 



She closely resembles her sister. Her skin is slightly darker and her eyes are dark red, but she has the same facial features and a longer version of her hairstyle.

She wears a similar witch outfit but with red accents and a longer skirt. She often wears a white and red bakers outfit and wears light purple gloves with purple cuff adorned by a purple gem to match her earrings and brooch.


A very serious and stern patisserie, Majo Vanilla can be a harsh critique whose mere glare intimidates others. However, when she meets those serious about baking or younger children, she can show her kinder side. She especially comes off as easy-going when talking about Monroe.


Born from the same rose, Majo Vanilla and her twin sister Majo Monroe attended the same patisserie school in the Witch World. When Monroe turned down the Senator position, Vanilla was given the position instead.

After Monroe turned into a Witch Frog, Vanilla confronted her twin sister in the Witch World regarding the incident. She was baffled that Monroe didn't seem to regret what had happened and couldn't understand her sister's feelings, as she blamed the human child for turning her sister into a Witch Frog.

As the final senator to give the Ojamajos their exam, she competed against them in recreating the Illusionary Recipe to recover Majo Roxanne's memory. Momoko made a small mistake in rolling a swirl cake, causing to breakdown, to which Vanilla spoke up and said Momoko seemed very different from how Monroe described her. This caused Momoko to shake off her negative emotions and persevere with her friends in finishing the dessert. After Roxanne remembered the Illusionary Recipe from eating the Ojamajos' dessert, she accepted losing to them, knowing that Momoko and the others possessed a love greater than witches have ever known and finally understood Monroe's feelings.


Majo Monroe

While not much is known about their relationship, Majo Vanilla stated that they had a friendly rivalry and that they worked together to improve their baking.


"You seem very different from what I heard from Majo Monroe. The Momoko I heard of always thinks positively about everything and never gives up until the very end. But I may have heard wrong."



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