Majorhythm is a litte witch girl and the main character of the game "Ojamajo Adventure: Naisho no Mahou".

The player stars as Majorhythm as she learns about things outside of the witch world and gets to know the Ojamajo while visiting new locations and experiencing special moments (cutscenes).

She only appears in this PC novel game, so not very much is known about her. 



A curious little witch, Majorhythm came to the Human world to study them and learn about regular life. While there she meets Doremi, who soon brings her to the Maho-dou to meet the others. It is unknown exactly why she is studying the humans, either out of curiousity or because she happens to like studying. However, it's entirely possible that coming to investigate may have also been a mission.

Majorhythm seems to really like the ojamajo and she seems to be very shy. She is known for being very polite too, and concerned when others are upset. Which can say that either because of how young she is, or different, she isn't mean or purposely rude like most witch are.


Majorhythm has pale colored skin and bright, light brown eyes worn behind a small pair of glasses.

Her hair is a warm, chocolate brown color and she noticeably lacks bangs other than long side parts of hair before her ears that reach her chest. Her hair is very straight, and a few inches longer.

Her attire happens to resemble Onpu's original attire, consisting of a sea blue tanktop styled ress with a white T-shirt underneath of it. She also has navy blue knee pants or leggings, and white flats. Around her right shoulder, Majorhythm wears a peach purse.


Not much is known about Majorhythm other then the fact she is indeed a witch. Its unknown how old she is, as she looks to be around the age of Doremi and Co but most of the witch in the series are over the age of one hundred. It is entirely possible that she aged herself up, or may have been a human girl that chose to become a permanent witch.

She has a typical witch uniform, and while her normal theme color seems to be blue, it is an ivy green color. It seems to be a normal witch outfit, though it may have some differences since she may still be very young.

This may also mean she was an apprentice, previously.


  • Doremi: Doremi is the first Ojamajo she meets, Doremi is very kind to Majorhythm and "takes her under her wing" by bringing her to the Maho-dou and tries to help her fit in.
  • Hazuki: She isn't shown too often with Hazuki but she does seem like her in both appearance and personality. Hazuki panicked when Doremi and Majorhythm showed up randomly at the Maho-dou.
  • Aiko: During one scene, Aiko reads a book with Majorhythm.
  • Onpu: No interaction is shown with Onpu during the opening, but she may know of how popular Onpu is.
  • Momoko: She and Momoko fly around on her broom during sunset/sunrise in the opening.
  • Hana-Chan: During the intro, Hana seems to be jealous of how much attention Majorhythm got.
  • Pop: She is shown trying to calm down a frustrated Pop.


  • Despite how much she resembles Hazuki, she bares no relation to her.
  • Her witch color is very similar to Non-chan.
  • Before the rumors were squashed, people claimed Majorhythm was a hint to a new season. However, this season was proven a hoax as no official Japanese website for it existed. Around this time, many websites were made for false seasons, leading people to think they were real despite not realizing they were not in Japanese.