Maki Higuchi is one of Doremi's classmates and the younger sister of Shuzou Higuchi.

She was a secondary main character in the episode "Doremi's boyfriend is a junior high student?!".


A tall and tomboyish young girl who loves rollerskating and hanging out with her brother and his friend Mika.


Maki has light skin with small, brown oval-shaped eyes and short dark brown hair that hangs over the right half of her face and head. She has short spiked bangs.

Normally, Maki wears a pale mint T-shirt hoodie with white hood strings, denim pants, and a pair o black and white sneakers with a peach design on the sides.


Maki is a sporty girl who enjoys inline-skating. She is shown to keep to herself and she cares greatly for her big brother. She is friendly and high-spirited. 




Shuzou's female friend who she views as a big sister. She likes the idea of them being in a relationship and was very concerned when she thought he was in love with Doremi Harukaze.

Name Etymology

Higuchi - Higuchi is a common Japanese surname and it means mouth of the drain.

Maki -


  • Maki shares her first name with Maki Takahashi.
    • Both girls have short brown hair and eyes.
    • Both were somehow involved with a boy Doremi had a crush on.
    • Both girls are involved in sports.
  • In the episode at one point, through an error in colors, she and Mika were momentarily palette-swapped.
    • Ironically, both of their names are single-letter swaps of each other.


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