Maki Takahashi

Name 高橋 真樹 Takanashi Maki
Dub Name Jen
Species Human
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Debut "I'm Doremi! Becoming a Witch Apprentice!"
Voice Actors
Japanese Nao Kouyama

Maki Takashi is a shy upperclassman who has a crush on Igarashi, a member of the soccer team who Doremi had a crush at first. 

She makes another major appearance in "Doremi Fails as a Mom!?".


Maki assists the Soccer Team at the school. Having been his friend, she intended to confessing her feelings to him if he was able to win the game they were preparing for.


Maki is a few years older than the girls with light skin and rounded brown eyes. She has short matching colored hair that frames her face with a slightly longer, loose strand sticking out on each side, and her forelocks overlap her bangs she puts a dark mauve headband over.

When not dressed for the club, she can usually be found wearing a pink top with light purple collar, pocket, and buttons, paired with a short milk blue skirt, brown loafers, and pale pink socks.


Maki is a quiet, somewhat reserved girl who struggles when it comes to openly speak out about her feelings. She is shown to be very nice when she speaks to her younger school-mates, and she cares a lot about the soccer team and Igarashi.


After practice, Maki approached Igarashi and wished him luck. Telling him that if he won she would reveal a secret to him. He promised to win and she gleefully ran off until later.

During the game, however, due to Doremi's meddling with her magic the team is doing badly. Just as Igarashi gets injured due to Doremi's careless mistake. Maki begins to panic and wishes to help him, breaking the pendant she had bought from Majorika as his injury then transfers to her. The female is much weaker and goes to the nurse's office that Doremi and Hazuki are also in. It's there Igarashi comes to see her when Maki reveals her feelings for him, once he reveals his own. The two of them share a few touching words as sadly Doremi gives up, with them unaware she is there.

On occasion, Maki comes back to Misora Elementary in order to assist with events.



  • Maki shares her first name with Maki Higuchi.
  • By the time the series ended she can be assumed to be around 15-16, which is about the age of the girls when Ojamajo Doremi 16 starts.