Marina Koizumi is a classmate and friend of the Ojamajos. After the first two seasons, she is in class with Aiko, Onpu, and Hazuki.


Marina is a sensitive girl who tends to the school flowers. She is very thoughtful and kind, with feelings for Kimura Takao, who seems to return them deep down.


Marina is fair-skinned with dark blue eyes and hair that borders on Black. Her hair is a short hime-cut, ending at her shoulders with short cut bangs and forelocks. Her normal attire consists of a pale pink blouse beneath a blue dress, pale pink socks, and dark blue loafers.

As a child, Marina wore a pale yellow top beneath a black dress with pink socks.


Soft-spoken and shy, Marina is friendly and sweet. She enjoys taking care of others and helping them- usually in the form of random things around the school. She is well liked by most of the students, but some see her as a "Teachers Pet" by default.

Marina is very sensitive and has little to no self-esteem. As a result, she often goes into shock when insulted, to the point of not even going to school or ignoring everyone.

She loves flowers to the point of getting upset if someone was to harm them without care. She is good at tending to them and has some knowledge when it comes to plants- although she claims she isn't very smart.

Out of the group, Marina gets along very well with Hazuki.

Ojamajo Doremi 16

Marina is shown to mostly look the same, however, her hair is much longer in a more "traditional" hime-cut style. She was shown in a school uniform.


As a child, Marina was lonely and didn't have much confidence. Her mother convinced her to try to tend to the flowers to make others happy, and in doing so she found out she enjoyed it.



  • Marina's dub voice actor voices Mew Ichigo in the Tokyo Mew Mew Dub.
  • Marina's theme/character song is "Flower Bed".
  • She wears bright teal pajamas to bed.
  • Marina may be friends with Sachiko ljuuin, as they often show up in TCG images together.