Marina Koizumi (小泉まりな, Marina Koizumi) is a character in Ojamajo Doremi. She is one of the girls' classmates, then starting with Motto she is put into the same class as Aiko, Onpu, and Hazuki.

She has a budding relationship with Kimura Takao, and gets along well with Hazuki.

She stars in Episode 11 from season 1, and Episode 6 from Sharp.


A friendly young girl who tends to the school flowers and classroom.


Marina has light skin with big, rounded dark blue eyes. She midnight blue hair worn in a medium length hime-cut. Her normal attire consists of a pale pink collared, buttoned shirt beneath a navy sleeveless dress. Included are indigo loafers with a buckled bow on the foot, and pale pink rolled socks.


Soft-spoken and reserved, Marina is very friendly and sweet. She is a bit shy and has little self-esteem, and by default, she is highly sensitive. She likes to help others and take care of them and their property, which is why she busies herself by tending to the classroom and the flowers. However, while she is well-liked, few students would assume she's a "teacher's pet".

While she claims she isn't very knowledgeable, she is good at raising flowers and plants. She loves them so much that seeing someone carelessly harm them will result in her getting angry.


As a child, Marina was lonely and didn't have much confidence. Her mother convinced her to try to tend to the flowers to make others happy, and in doing so she found out she enjoyed it.

Light Novels

Marina makes a minor appearance in the first novel, and she is shown to look the same, except with longer hair.



  • "Flower Bed" is her image song.
  • She is one of the few non-main characters in the series to have multiple cards dedicated to her in the TCG series. She is often depicted with Sachiko ljuuin.


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