Masaharu Miyamoto is one of Doremi Harukaze's classmates (until Motto) and background characters appearing in Ojamajo Doremi.

A meek boy, Masaharu struggles to stand up for himself unless it's something he really wants. He enjoys helping others, which was what inspired him to run against Tamaki Reika for the class presidency. Thanks to Doremi and the others he was able to win and followed this tradition for years to come.



Somewhat fragile, Masaharu is sensitive and pretty quiet. But he's very nice and helpful and isn't afraid of aiding others in need of help or paying them back for helping him out. He is also dedicated to what being class president means, so he prefers to be fair and honest, rather than lie and cheat his way to win. He also can't stand arguments and hates fighting.

Worried by confrontation, however, he can sometimes try to avoid problems if he's done something wrong. Such as when he accidentally broke his crush's instrument in class during break. It wasn't until the guilt got to him and speaking to Onpu (who took the blame when she was found holding it) did he confess.

Masaharu also happens to be a top student who is very bright.


Masaharu is a tan-skinned young man with dark blue eyes. His hair is a matching color, with almost curled bangs. He wears a blue top with red sleeves, pockets, buttons, and neck. His shorts are a pale tea-rose color, and he also has on a pair of blue and white sneakers with red laces, worn with pale-colored socks.


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