Miho Segawa is a character in Ojamajo Doremi. She is Onpu's mother and the wife of Tsuyoshi Segawa.


As a young girl, Miho was a promising idol singer with lots of potential. However, in her way to an audition, she fell down a flight of stairs and the injuries she sustained ruiner her budding career. As such, she passed her lost dreams of becoming a famous idol onto Onpu. She helps with the side of Onpu's career that Majoruka isn't handling.


Miho is slightly pudgy and shorter than most of the other moms. She has dull, dark brown hair that sticks up and loosely curls around her head, and matching colored eyes that resemble her daughter's.

Normally she wears a dark blue dress with an orange buttoned jacket. She has a purple neck scarf and wears a matching tissue in her pocket. She normally wears light-colored sandals and carries a brown purse.


A proud and supportive mother, Miho is always there for Onpu when she isn't busy setting up her appointments or possible auditions. She dislikes Onpu's headstrong nature though, and worries over being unable to connect to her daughter as much as she would like to. She is stern with Onpu when she worries her, but she never yells at her. She loves her daughter and firmly believes in her capabilities. 

Deep down Miho is shown to be haunted over her past failure and fears the same could happen to Onpu. But over time she manages to let go of it.

Light Novel Series

It is revealed that sometime prior to the first volume she suffered a stroke and had been put into medical care for some time. Onpu has been helping her a lot to regain her abilities to walk again.




While she often worries she may be forcing Onpu too hard as an Idol, she believes she is capable of doing only the best and fully supports her.


While they aren't always together, she is very close to her husband. They are never shown to argue or have disagreements.

Name Etymology

Segawa - Se means rapids, while Kawa/Gawa means river.

Miho - Mi means beauty and Ho means care.


  • While on stage she went by the alias Kurara Sakurai.


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