Mimi is Aiko Senoo's fairy. She was obtained after Aiko passed her Level 9 Witch Exam.



Mimi has fair skin and sharp blue eyes and blushed cheeks. She has light blue hair that sticks up on each side of her head in tube-like shapes, with her bangs brushed to the left. She wears a baby blue dress with a pale blue collar. In teen form, her hair stays the same and she gains a white witch hat with pale blue rim. She gains a full body and wears a pale blue dress with the shoulder cut out and a white-collar, where a blue gem rests. A baby blue top is worn under this, and she gains white booties.


A strong and eager fairy who sometimes rushes head-first into things. She can be stubborn, but she's upbeat and ready to help at any notice.

Light Novel Series

Initially, the fairies were only brought up early on in the first novel, mentioned that they had been doing their best to take care of the then-badly behaved Hana-chan.


  • In Germany, her voice actress is Nicola Grupe.
  • In some translates her name was changed to Fifi.
  • In one of the light novels, she is revealed to have gained the ability to transform into an Abyssinian cat.


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