Over the course of the series, Ojamajo Doremi had three exclusive video released mini-cartoons/episodes. They were generally teaching episodes, focusing on certain details and what not. All three seemed to take place in either Naisho, or Motto.

Let's!! Cooking

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Poppu arrives to help and even gets to wear the pâtissier outfit.

Traffic Safety

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After nearly being run over, Onpu arrives and using magic she turns into a police officer in order to teach them better safety tips. However, it turns out this was all a test and if Doremi continues to ignore the rules, she will lose her witch apprentice status.

Bicycle Safety Classroom

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After seeing how dangerous Pop's plans for a bycicle race is. Doremi and Momoko transform into Majo-rangers in order to stop them and teach them safety tips regarding bikes. Kimitaka is nearly injured after swerving to miss Majorika. Doremi is the only one to cast a spell in this episode. While Momoko teaches an English phrase.