Mirai Sakura is a retired witch who lives in the human world as a glass-blower. She first appears in Dokkan, where she met Doremi as she attempts to figure out what her future goals are. She would later reappear in Ojamajo Doremi 17, where it is revealed she is raising Yume, Hana's younger twin sister.


Mirai was a witch named Majo Avenir who retired and settled down in the Human World. She took the identity of a close figure to him and taught him how to blow glass, which she then took up as a job.


Mirai is a tall and slender woman with slanted, dark red eyes and caramel-brown hair that frames her face. She resembles her older twin sister, Majo Yuki. She normally wears a long-sleeved turtleneck and a long skirt with black shoes. But whenever she is busy working, she usually wears a clover print apron.


Mirai is a wise and kind adult woman who loves to teach others her craft. She often gives advice when she knows someone is troubled, and she is very insightful. She can easily identify a witch or Apprentice in plain sight.


As a witch, Mirai used to move around a lot to avoid being discovered. She has made many friends. 

Light Novel Series

The girls discovered she was currently living in Paris France and pay her a visit in order to meet Yume, but upon learning this she asks them to wait until she is at least twelve before they tell her everything.


"You're a witch, right?"


  • The light novel reveals her identity as the current Witch Queen's younger twin sister.
  • She has a treasure cabinet filled with pictures of her friends she met in various countries.


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