Mo-tto! Ojamajo Doremi: Maho-dou Smile Party is the second Ojamajo Doremi video game released. It was another game with children in mind and is classified as a learning game. It also came with a larger gamepad. 

This was the first game to include mini-games and activities. 


A minigame collection stemming from how to write in Hiragana, to learning English and even counting.

You can pick who you want to play as, with the icon you use representing the Yousei, of said character. Then while going on different locations you can find a minigame to play and people to talk to. Such as going to the Sweet Maho-dou and counting desserts with Onpu or picking the right colors to give to a customer.


It starts with showing small bubble sized shots of the Ojamajo in their motto outfits. Then goes through in a slower sweeping motion of them in their Apprentice uniforms with a flowery border. The order being: Momoko, Onpu, Aiko, Hazuki, Doremi, then Majorika.

At the Maho-dou, in patissier form, Hazuki and Momoko stand to the side of the screen before the fairies begin to circle around a star with Aiko in it. At in the Maho-dou once more Doremi is taking Customer orders.

Once again the yousei border appears, panning to Onpu with a baking tray now. Then to Aiko with a mixing bowl. In little sprite forms, the Ojamajo begin to appear on their brooms.

While showing small screens of the game, the sweet pollon stands in the middle with still images of the Ojamajo in both forms circling it. Another yousei screenshot with Onpu once again appearing, this time holding a decorated object. The wand shows up again while showing individual still shots of Onpu and Momoko on their brooms, Aiko and Hazuki in their patissier outfits, Then Doremi on her broom. After the yousei and sprites show up it shows the group image of them casting magic. For the final part, it shows small bubbles of them while the Ojamajo appear in a slow flashing.


  • A lot of the icons and art for the games are re-used official images from Motto.
  • This is also the only intro to re-use many of its clips previously shown.


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