Mr. Watabe Is the father of Michiaki Watabe. While it could be assumed he is married, a wife isn't shown or mentioned. However, a poster shows him with an assistant that may be related to the Watabe family.

Like his son, he loves magic and is a professional magician. He also runs a supplies store. After he twists his back, he has to spend time resting and can't perform, so Michiaki takes his place.



Not much is known regarding Mr. Watabe's personality. But from what can be gathered, he and Michiaki are a lot alike, as the ojamajo notice during the episode. He finds fun in magical tricks and may also enjoy scaring people some of the time, given his surprising entrance!

He usually comes off cool and charming, like his son, but with his back pains, he tends to falter into a goofier-self.


Mr. Watabe has slightly tanned skin in comparison to his son and dark hair and eyes. His hair looks much more normal than his sons and he has a very light form of facial hair above his upper lip. He wears a yellow sweater/long-sleeved shirt underneath a dark green-olive vest. Like Michiaki he also wears gray pants/jeans.


  • Mr. Watabe is one of the first fathers to be shown without a wife, leaving his family relationship ambiguous.


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