Mutsumi Kudo is a friend and classmate of the girls. She stars in two episodes, "I Want to Be a Female Pro Wrestler!" from season 1, and "Mutsumi's Retirement Announcement!" from Dokkan. During the final three seasons of the series, Mutsumi is in Doremi, Momoko, and Hana-chan's class.


Mutsumi is a small girl who loves wrestling and admires female pro-wrestler Candy Ito. She has an ambiguous relationship with a friend and classmate, Takeshi Hasebe. Given her reactions around him, she may harbor feelings for him.


Mutsumi has light skin and round brown eyes. She has short brown hair loosely framing her face and flaring inward, with a small tuft of fluffy bangs at the middle of her forehead.

Normally Mutsumi wears a powder blue top with white collar, button strip, and sleeve cuffs. Paired with this is a light indigo folded skirt fastened by a button, white socks, and dark brown loafers.


A bright and spunky young girl, Mutsumi is very cheerful and friendly. She accepts all challenges boldly and will resort to taunts or threats if someone even considers running away. She doesn't intentionally pick on others though, and she only targets those who challenged her first or mock her. Courageous and determined, she faces all opponents. She is easily excitable and often bickers with her brother, who disapproves of her aspirations. As a small girl, she often faces trouble with those who believe she might be too weak or don't want to touch her, which is enough to disappoint her upon realizing the truth.

Name Etymology

Mutsumi - Mutsu means friendly, and Mi means reality and/or truth.

Kudo - Kudo means potter.


Light Novel Series

Ojamajo Doremi 17 - Volume 3



"Candy may be small, but she does a lot of training, so she's very strong!"


  • In the dub, she's one of the few characters without a last name/surname mentioned.


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