Naomi Okuyama is character in Ojamajo Doremi as one of Doremi's classmates.

She is the character of the day in "Laugh and Forgive Me!?" from season one and "I Don't Want to Become an Adult!".


Naomi often makes appearances through the series as a classmate and friend of the girls. Because of her height, she is frequently teased, and she struggles to accept how fast she grows in comparison to everyone else.


Naomi has tan skin with small rounded eyes and short boyish dark brunette hair. Due to her insecurity when it comes to girly outfits and how frequently she outgrows her clothing, she usually resorts to loose boy's clothing. Normally she wears a dark green top with a mauve jacket that has gold detail, light grey jogging pants, and a pair of blue and white sneakers.


Usually, Naomi is confident and cool with a calm and easy-going nature. She is talented at sports and enjoys playing them, but deep down she wishes she could be seen as cute and girly.

She hides her interests in these things due to how often she gets teased, and she feels insecure about her body. She has a temper if she's teased, but she can become emotional if it's about her appearance. She shows her more vulnerable, softer side around other girls, who for the most part admire her capabilities.



SOS Trio

It's common to find her chasing after them due to something they said. Like her peers she doesn't find their jokes funny, and she enjoys picking on them if they start something with her.

Yuji Sagawa

Out of the trio, he appears to have a small bond with Naomi. After insulting her, he attempted to make her feel better and felt remorse for what he said when she cried. When they finally made up, they shared a laugh and began to realize that the other wasn't so bad after all.

Hazuki Fujiwara

Hazuki was shown to deeply admire Naomi and her skills during gym class. She also took a deep interest in helping Naomi by bringing her, Aiko, and Doremi back to her place to find a cute outfit she could wear. She was very angry with the SOS when they made her cry.


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