Nini is Momoko Asuka's fairy. Momoko was shown to have obtained her some time prior to the series while she was an apprentice under Majomonroe.



Nini is fair skinned with peach blushed cheeks and rounded green eyes. Her light chartreuse hair resembles Momoko's, and on the corner of her head is a lilac star clip. She wears a chartreuse dress with creamy yellow collar.

In teen form the only change to her hair is that her bangs are spread out. She gains a developed body and now wears a pastel gold dress with the shoulder cut out and a white collar, where a gold gem rests. A gold top is worn under this, and she gains white booties and a white witch hat with pastel yellow rim.


She is shown to be easy-going and helpful, but at times like Momoko, she can become overwhelmed and emotional.

Light Novel Series

In the first novel, it is revealed that she and the others remained in the Witch World to watch over the then-badly behaved Hana-chan.


  • Like Momoko, she can speak English.
  • In one of the novels it's revealed she gained the ability to transform into an American Short-hair cat.


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