Ojamajo BAN² CD Club Part 5: Character Mini Album Series 1 - Doremi Harukaze is an album containing Doremi Harukaze's image songs from the third season of the series as well as a seven-minute drama in which Doremi attempts to prescribe her magical problem-solving cookies to her classmates. It was released on August 22 2001.


  1. "Su" no Tsuku Koibito (「ス」のつく恋人 "Su"'s Sweetheart)
  2. Doremi no Gakkyū Nisshi 「Doremi no Shohousen」 (どれみの学級日誌「どれみの処方箋」Doremi's Daily Class Records "Doremi's Prescription")
  3. Kitto Chanto Onnanoko (きっとちゃんと女の子 Certainly a Perfect Girl)
  4. Otome wa Kyuu ni Tomarenai (乙女は急に止まれない Maiden, Don't Stop Abruptly)
  5. "Su" no Tsuku Koibito (Original Karaoke) (「ス」のつく恋人(オリギナルカラオケ))
  6. Doremi no Sweet Song ABC (どれみのすいーとそんぐABC Doremi's Sweet Song ABC)
  7. Sweet Song ABC (Original Karaoke) (すいーとそんぐABC(オリギナルカラオケ))
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