Ojamajo BAN² CD Club Part 6: Character Mini Album Series 2 - Onpu Segawa is an album containing Onpu Segawa's image songs from the third season of the series as well as a seven-minute drama where Class 5-2 searches for Mint's lost Onpu Segawa CD. It was released on September 21 2001.


  1. WE CAN DO
  2. Onpu no Gakkyuu Nisshi「Hannin wa Dare!?」 (おんぷの学級日誌「犯人は誰!?」Onpu's Daily Class Records "Who Is the Criminal!?")
  3. Polar Star (北極星 (ぽーらすたー) Hokkyokusei (Polar Star))
  4. WE CAN DO (Original Karaoke)
  5. Polar Star (Original Karaoke) (北極星 ぽーらすたー(オリジナルカラオケ))
  6. Onpu no Sweet Song ABC (おんぷのすいーとそんぐABC Onpu's Sweet Song ABC)
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