Ojamajo BAN² CD Club Part 8: Character Mini Album Series 4 - Aiko Senoo is an album containing Aiko Senoo's image songs from the third season of the series as well as a seven-minute drama in which she listens to Nobuko's newest work. It was released on November 21 2001.


  1. Aiko ni Omakase! (あいこにおまかせ! Leave It to Aiko!)
  2. Aiko no Gakkyuu Nisshi 「Aiko no Onii Coach」 (あいこの学級日誌「あいこの鬼コーチ」Aiko's Daily Class Records "Aiko's Demon Coach")
  3. Yūgure Buranko (夕暮れブランコ Twilight Swing)
  4. Paatto Ikou!! (パーっといこう!! Let's Go All Out!!)
  5. Yūgure Buranko (Original Karaoke) (夕暮れブランコ(オリジナルカラオケ))
  6. Aiko no Sweet Song ABC (あいこのすいーとそんぐABC Aiko's Sweet Song ABC)
  7. Aiko no Theme & Variation (BGM) (あいこのテーマ&バリエーション(BGM) Aiko's Theme and Variation (BGM))
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